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Unfinished Business episode 106 ‘Everyone else’s highlight reel’ with Dan Edwards and Veerle Pieters

On this week’s Unfinished Business, I’m joined by designers’ designer Dan Edwards and, one of my favourite people, designer Veerle Pieters. We start by talking about magazines, including 8faces and the new edition of Lagom.

Then we discuss how the perceptions that people can have about us, our companies or even how busy we are can be really different from the reality, plus an event that we’re planning for designers and developers to get together to share business experiences. Finally we talk about whether our contracts should prevent clients from making changes to our work after we’ve delivered it to them.

(I’m sorry for the drop in audio quality (on my channel) this week. Annoyingly, my recording stopped unexpectedly and I had to rely on the Skype back-up. Thanks GarageBand. Thanks for nothing.)

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