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Unfinished Business episode 104: ‘The taco incident’ with Stephen Hay and Trent Walton

The best podcasts listen to interesting people having interesting conversations about work, and life and for episode 104 of Unfinished Business I’m joined by two fascinating folk. Trent Walton and Stephen Hay.

In a lively and wide-ranging conversation, we talk about ‘designing in a browser’ and whether or not today it’s a given (to some degree or another.) We discuss not showing clients static design visuals and why ‘comps’ in a browser and prototypes should be the first thing that we show our clients. We talk about where graphic design tools now fit into our respective workflows and why static visuals can still be an important part of the design process. Finally we discuss tools for designing (in a browser) and whether the technical barrier to entry is sometimes too high.

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