WWW 2006 presentation

My WWW2006 presentation is available to download as an interactive Quicktime movie and as a PDF.

I was very pleased to have been invited by Bert Bos to briefly speak alongside him and AOL's Kevin Lawver at WWW2006 in Edinburgh.

It was fascinating to see Bert, one of the co-inventers of CSS, discuss advanced CSS layout, which included a preview of the CSS layout module and a nifty Javascript demonstration of it by CSS3 working group member Cesar Acebal.

I talked briefly about WaSP and about standards and accessibility issues as two-point-oh! companies rush their services to market.

Web standards and accessibility should not be part of future versions or design iterations, they should take their rightful place at the very center of any product or service considered to be Web 2.0. There can be no Web 2.0 without responsibility.

Kevin's follow up, Writing CSS For Syndicated Content was a fascinating look at best practice in writing the modular CSS for AOL AIM pages and showed how things can be done right.