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Attention. This is an automated computer system alert

Like, I guess, many people, we leave our computers running when we’re not using them. We keep apps like iChat and Skype running too, with the sound turned up, in case anyone should call.

So I’m sitting in the studio, alone, this morning, listening to The Talk Show while I get my head clear for a day’s work, when the Mac behind me starts to talk (video below.)

It turns out it’s repeating, recorded spam, coming through Skype.

How can this even happen?


Out of curiosity, I typed w w w dot pee gee em ess gee dot com into my browser. I’ve seen this type of fake virus scanner before, and I use a Mac so I can just laugh at them. Most interesting though is how these tricksters managed to talk to me over Skype without my permission.

Update 2

It turns out this is old news for some people. As you were.