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Backing Ormr

Although Adobe have said nothing officially, their silence says it all. Unofficially my little birdies tell me that Fireworks is not being updated for retina displays so the tool I’ve used and loved for a decade or more is effectively dead.

It’s clear how Adobe thinks we should work from now on. Photoshop and Illustrator — already slated for retina updates — are for creating ‘assets’ and their suite of Edge products, including Reflow, are for web design tasks such as layout. I remain unconvinced by Reflow and I’ve already started my search for a replacement to Fireworks.

Ormr is a “Smart Image Editor” that looks very promising. It’s at the Kickstarter funding stage and the developers are looking for $50,000 to take them to version one. So far they’re a long way from that total, but I’ve backed them today (my first Kickstarter backing).