Boagworld gets me back to podcasting

  • Words: Andy Clarke

Okay, okay. I know. No episodes of my Unfinished Business podcast for a few months. I’m really sorry about that.

Truth be told, I ran out of energy for anything other than writing as I struggled to finish Hardboiled Web Design Fifth Anniversary Edition in October. The book took much, much longer to finish than I’d expected. Combined with client work, it very nearly wiped me out.

I’d every intention of bringing Unfinished Business back for a Christmas special, but I’d also ran out of enthusiasm for recording and it’s taken me a while to get that back. The tweets and emails asking when it might return let me know that people do enjoy listening to us talking and I’ve slowly been getting more enthusiastic about making Unfinished Business again.

Another guest spot on Boagworld

Friends have inspired me too and this week a guest spot on Boagworld helped me get back into the podcasting groove. You might expect that when men of a certain age like Paul, Marcus and I get together to talk about being older in the web industry, there’ll be plenty of complaining.

This time, you’d be wrong. Sure, there’s the inevitable grumbling that things aren’t as good as they were in our day, but overall I think that the three of us have realised that being a little more mature has some real advantages, even in a field that’s dominated by younger people.

I think you’ll be surprised by what we say. It’s a good episode of a podcast that keeps getting better the longer that Paul and Marcus make it. I hope that I can say the same about Unfinished Business one day.

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