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Getting prepared for Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft launches Windows 8 in just a few days, so now’s a good time to turn our attention to Internet Explorer 10. Here are two links to help you get prepared:

Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface: IE10 meets modern mobile HTML5

Max Firtman covers a lot of ground. Stand out information includes:

  • Windows RT ‘snap’ modes
  • IE10’s excellent, I really mean that, excellent CSS3 support
  • How to set tile colours and icons for when your site is ‘pinned’ to the home screen

IE10 Snap Mode and Responsive Design

Tim Kadlec, author of Implementing Responsive Design, has uncovered how IE10’s ‘snap’ feature ignores the meta viewport tag when the viewport’s narrower than 400px. He offers some sound advice on how to work around that so that responsive sites work well in snap mode.

To get IE10 in snap mode to play nicely you have to use CSS Device Adaptation. For the unfamiliar, CSS Device Adaptation allows you to move your viewport declarations (such as width, zoom, orientation, etc) into your CSS.

If you’d like more, Dave Rupert wrote about the @viewport rule back in September.

I’ll be spending my evening updating this site and 320 and Up with the new @viewport rules and tile colours and icons code.