The Icon Handbook by Jon Hicks

  • Words: Andy Clarke

What did you think about …?

People often ask. Maybe it’s because I’ve written a couple of books myself and I’m not usually shy to offer an opinion, people often send me their books to review.

Because these books are often written, or published by friends of mine, I don’t write many reviews though. I wonder, if I wrote a positive review, will people say “He’s only saying that because they’re friends”?

It’s not that I’d shy away from saying something critical. Some of my best friends have written books I really don’t like, but if I wrote a negative review, who would that really serve? Given the toll I know authoring takes, I think it’s more polite to offer constructive criticism in private.

I think at the heart of it, most books that cross my desk these days are written by people who’s main job is not authoring. People who give up months, sometimes over a year of their time to write, in the knowledge that they’ll never earn even a fraction of that time back in royalties. People who care, truly and madly.

Increasingly, these books are being published by small publishers run by people who care, truly and madly about making the best books they can. Publishers like A Book Apart and Five Simple Steps who care as much about quality editing, design and printing as they do about business.

We’re all lucky to work in an industry where people make books like these.

The Icon Handbook by Jon Hicks

Which brings me to my friend Jon Hicks, who’s written a book, The Icon Handbook that’s just been published by my friend Mark Boulton’s publishing company Five Simple Steps. This isn’t just any book, it’s one that Jon has wanted to write for a long time but waited until he found a publisher who could do justice to his vision.

Lucky for us he found it. Jon’s flawless eye for detail is evident on every page of The Icon Handbook.

I hope Jon’s proud of what he’s achieved and knows just how important this book is.

I hope that everyone at Five Simple Steps involved in making it is proud too. They should be.

I hope you’ll buy it. Not just because it’s a remarkable book, but because it demonstrates the very best of what this industry is capable of and we should all support that. *

* Yeah, yeah. I’m only saying that because we’re friends. **

** Disclosure: Because I acted as technical reviewer of the CSS chapter, I’ve been given a preview PDF of this book and I’ll receive a complementary paperback when it’s released in January.

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