For over fifteen years, my blog and Unfinished Business podcast have been popular with website designers and developers.

Ten years ago on Stuff and Nonsense: What’s in a name?

I wrote a lot more a decade ago than I do now and with the ten year anniversary of this blog just past, it’s fascinating to see what I was interested in and sharing back then.

Quotes & accents (& Dashes) and TextExpander

Jessica Hische made Quotes & accents (& Dashes). Remembering keystrokes for these characters is hard, but for me remembering character entities is downright impossible. So I made TextExpander do the remembering for me. Here’s how I did it:

Keep calm and carry on (with HTML5)

When the W3C announced that it was retreating from XHTML2 after years in the trenches, propagandists trumpeted that advocacy of XHTML had been foolish. With HTML5 again mired in corporate politics, egotism, squabbles and petty disagreements, it is easy to see why people are questioning if using or advocating HTML5 now is foolish too? At least until all parties reach some kind of armistice.

Designing around hAccessibility

At the moment I’m writing a script for a DVD tutorial on microformats  that I will be recording for New Riders at the end of February. While designing some shiny new examples for the hCalendar event microformat, I’ve been revisiting the problems and discussions of accessibility that surround the date design pattern and thinking about possible design solutions.

A tribute to Microformats (a reader question answered)

Enrique Ramírez wrote to me yesterday with a few questions about Microformats and markup. I’ve been asked these questions before, a few times. So rather than send Enrique my answers on a postcard, I’m replying in public, with Enrique’s permission of course.

Microformats: The Fine Art of Markup

Peachpit Web Design Reference have published the first in a series of my articles on Microformats, Microformats: The Fine Art of Markup. In this series instead of focussing on the technical aspects that so many people have done far better, I will be combining talk of Microformats with the wider issue of the importance of writing meaningful mark-up. I’ll be finishing up each of the subsequent articles with what are hope are cool new ways to style Microformat rich mark-up using CSS.