For over fifteen years, my blog and Unfinished Business podcast have been popular with website designers and developers.

Smashing Printed Magazine

It always baffled me that with a name like Smashing Magazine, my friends at Smashing hadn’t published a, errr, magazine. Well, now they have.

Embracing the Exciting Future of Grid Layout on Boagworld

This week, I’m back on the Boagworld podcast to talk about the ‘Exciting Future of Grid Layout’ and the design possibilities supported by CSS Grid. I enjoyed recording it with Paul and Marcus enormously and I think that it’s one of the best shows I’ve recorded in a while.

My blogging heyday

One of the reasons for my redesigning this website was to make it more appropriate for the work I’ve been making most recently, but also as an opportunity for it to better reflect me as a person. A big part of that was the writing that I did in what I think of as my blogging ‘heyday.’

Boagworld gets me back to podcasting

Okay, okay. I know. No episodes of my Unfinished Business podcast for a few months. I’m really sorry about that.

Next week is Geek Mental Help Week 2015

Last year’s Geek Mental Help Week was, by all accounts, well received and a terrific success. Despite the fact that we pulled it together with sticky tape and string, people told their stories about how mental health issues had affected them and the people who care for them. Those stories were honest and humbling to everyone who read them. I hope that next week, Geek Mental Help Week 2015 can do something similar.

Hardboiled Web Design Fifth Anniversary Edition

I have some very special news to announce about my book. It’s a brand new Fifth Anniversary Edition of Hardboiled ’Web Design that’s published by Smashing Magazine.

Hardboiled Web Design Shots

Hot on the heels of announcing the new Hardboiled Web Design Fifth Anniversary Edition, I’m also incredibly excited and nervous to let you know about three new Hardboiled Web Design books that will be published throughout the course of next year. We’re calling them ‘Hardboiled Web Design Shots.’

It’s the taste. The all new Stuff & Nonsense

I can’t quite believe that it’s been almost two years since we launched the previous, Go, go, go, rillas! design of the Stuff & Nonsense website. Today, I’m very pleased to present our next design, ‘It’s the taste.’

Workshopping down under in March 2015

I have more than a soft spot for Australia. It’s where I’d live if that were possible and where I can see myself retiring to in, you know, twenty or so years. Luckily, I’m going back to Australia long before that, this March in fact, to speak at the fabulous Respond conference and to take my CSS For Responsive Web Design workshop on the road to Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, as well as Sydney itself.

CSS3 For Responsive Web Design workshops in 2015 (and a reminder about Oslo next week)

I’ve been very pleased with reactions to my latest ‘CSS3 For Responsive Web Design’ full-day workshop. Attendees at ‘The Web Is…’ in Cardiff and ‘Beyond Tellerrand’ in Berlin really seemed to like its mixture of design and technical content. I’ll be hosting this workshop again in several cities in various countries throughout 2015 and there’s still one more opportunity to join me in Oslo next week.

Ten years ago today, A List Apart published my Invasion of the Body Switchers

2014 has been a year of web design anniversaries. In May 2004 I wrote the first entry on this blog. This coming December my CSS Zen Garden submission was accepted and exactly ten years ago today my Invasion of the Body Switchers was published on A List Apart.

Ten years is a very long time in technology and so much has changed for me and for the web since then.

CSS3 For Responsive Web Design workshop in Oslo on December 3rd

I really like Norway and the Norwegian people are among the friendliest I’ve met, so I never need convincing to visit them. While I was in Oslo in October, speaking at the Making Web conference I met the wonderful people at IGM and when they asked me to take my CSS3 For Responsive Web Design workshop back to Oslo on December 3rd, I jumped at the chance.

Next week is Geek Mental Help Week

Next week, starting October 27th, is Geek Mental Help Week:

A week-long series of articles, blog posts, conversations, podcasts and events across the web about mental health issues, how to help people who suffer, and those who care for us.

Come to ‘CSS3 for Responsive Web Design’ workshop and get a free Hardboiled Web Design paperback

What the hell. We still have plenty of places available for mine and Brads workshops at The Web Is… next week. Come and join me for ‘CSS3 for Responsive Web Design’ and you’ll get a free copy of my Hardboiled Web Design paperback.

Hardboiled Web Design anniversary, £7.99 paperback and ebook offer

A few days ago was the fourth anniversary of our publishing Hardboiled Web Design. Four years since some friends and I wrote, illustrated and published a book.

MK Geek Night Mental Help Night - Part of Geek Mental Help Week

I couldn’t be happier that the brilliant Richard Wiggins and David Hughes, the pair behind Milton Keynes Geek Night, are hosting a special Mental Health evening event as part of Geek Mental Help Week.

Announcing Geek Mental Help Week

After talking with Laura on Unfinished Business this week, about burgers in donuts, we moved on to discuss the Geek Mental Help Week that I’ve been thinking about and planning for the last few months. Something that I sincerely hope will help those of us who suffer from mental health issues and the others who support us.

Join me at The Web Is… for a new ‘CSS3 For Responsive Web Design’ workshop

Last years’ Handheld Conference in Cardiff was an incredible event. A bearded me even got to push a dalek with my friend Jon, as well as deliver a talk and host a sell-out workshop. This November I’ll be back in Cardiff for Handheld’s successor, The Web Is… I’m a last minute addition to the speaker line-up (again) and back workshopping with a new ‘CSS3 For Responsive Web Design’ workshop.

Five Simple Steps now has a physical book store

I knew from the moment I heard the news that Craig and Amie Lockwood taking over at the helm of Five Simple Steps was a good idea. They have exciting plans for the brand, the first of which is a physical book store at their Foundershub in Cardiff City Centre.

Next time you’re in Cardiff, pop in. The book to buy is second from the right on the bottom row. And as of now, you can get the fabulous paperback and ebook for only £12.80.

Join me in Berlin for a new ‘CSS3 For Responsive Web Design’ workshop

In all my travels I’ve not yet been to Berlin. That’s changing in November when I’ll be appearing at the fabulous beyond tellerrand.

Hardboiled Web Design on the new Five Simple Steps

I couldn’t be happier than my friends Craig Lockwood and Amie Duggan, those wonderful people behind events like Handheld Conf, Besquare, FoundersHub and, later this year, The Web Is… have taken over at Five Simple Steps.

Hardboiled Web Design has a new home at Smashing Magazine

The sudden closure of Five Simple Steps came as a shock to a lot of people, not least authors like me who are forced to decide on new homes for their books with no notice.

Creative Bloq interviews Stuff and Nonsense for Net Awards’ Agency Of The Year

Stuff and Nonsense has been shortlisted for Agency Of The Year at the Net Awards 2014 and so Creative Bloq wanted to know a little more about us, what we do and what sets us apart from other agencies. Here’s what I told them.

Easter egg hunt: Seven secrets of the world wide web

I’m not sure how I forgot to link to this last week, but our phone rang and I spoke to BBC technology reporter Dave Lee about Easter Eggs. Not the chocolate kind, but the much less tasty and much less interesting hidden delights in websites.

Go, go, go, rillas! The all new Stuff and Nonsense

If you’re reading this in RSS, switch over to a browser, as we just launched ‘Go, go, go, rillas!’ It’s our late 2013 version of Stuff and Nonsense.

I’m number 41 in the Drum Digerati

Yep. Number forty-one of one-hundred. To be honest, when I was told about being part of the Drum Digerati list I wasn’t at all happy about it.

Hosting a CSS3 For Responsive Web Design workshop in Zurich in December

Smashing Magazine are hosting a series of one day workshops across Europe throughout November and December.

CSS3 for responsive web design workshop at Smashing Conference in 2014

2012’s Smashing Conference in Freiburg had the best atmosphere of any European conference I’ve been to and, while I wasn’t there, I hear this year’s was pretty special too.

Talking about Rock Hammer

People seem to like Rock Hammer, our little “curated project library for Hammer For Mac” We designed Rock Hammer to help us here at Stuff and Nonsense design faster using HTML and CSS and we use it every day to do just that. Talking about Rock Hammer, some news:

Complete Madness

I like to think that at Stuff and Nonsense, our house isn’t so much a place to work as it is a house of fun and although we take the work we do very seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously at all. We hope that sense of fun comes across on our site and today we’re putting aside our embarrassment, putting on our baggy trousers and unveiling a new header on our home page.

CSS3 for Responsive Web Design workshop at Smashing Magazine, June 2013

I’ve always had a soft spot for the people at Smashing Magazine and I loved being at their Smashing Conference last September, so when they asked me if I’d like to be a part of their workshop programme, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes.” This coming June my wife and I will be heading back to beautiful Freiburg where I’ll host a ‘CSS3 for Responsive Web Design’ workshop.

Fashionably flexible responsive web design workshops — Japan 2013

Back in 2009, I took what I thought would be a trip of a lifetime to Japan to speak and host a workshop at Web Directions East. I spent a hectic few days in Tokyo then set off for a place I never thought I visit, Hiroshima. I’ll never forget standing, in tears in front of the A-Bomb dome, or visiting the shrines on Miyajima Island. I met new friends and went home with stories to tell.

Rock Hammer, a curated, responsive project library

If you listen to Unfinished Business, you’ll know that I’m a big, big fan of Hammer For Mac, the app its developers say lets you create HTML builds & templates quicker, more efficiently & more conveniently. Hammer works for us because these days we mostly deliver static HTML and CSS templates, instead of static visuals, and we rarely develop complete sites.

The Web Standards Project’s work is done

I’d always admired the work of, and the people behind the Web Standards Project. What they had achieved in only a few short years in bringing browser vendors and tool authors together behind open standards was nothing short of magnificent, so when I was asked to join the project on March 31st 2005 it was an ambition fulfilled.

CSS3 for Responsive Web Design workshop at Handheld Conference 2013

Handheld is “the conference for all things mobile” that’s happening in Cardiff, Wales on 27th – 28th November 2013 at the Wales Millennium Centre. Handheld has a fabulous line-up of speakers and tickets go on sale on March 1st, St. David’s Day. (You can get get 10% off your ticket with the offer code unfinishedbz.)

If you needed another reason to head to beautiful Cardiff Bay, I’m hosting a new workshop, “CSS3 for Responsive Web Design.”

Don’ worry, be ’appy

With the help of TapbotsNetbot client, it looks like App.net might be gathering steam. If App.net’s your thing, you’ll now find me there too although I guess I’m not alone in being unsure when I’ll use App.net instead of Twitter.

Follow me on App.net. (Damn that name isn’t getting any easier to say.)

Changes to Stuff and Nonsense RSS

I know RSS isn’t perhaps what it was for a lot of people, but it’s still as important to me as Twitter as a source of good content, and well, you know what they say about eggs and baskets. Today I’m making some changes to Stuff and Nonsense’s RSS.

Designing for the Hillsborough Independent Panel

It was January, 2011 and an email arrived from a name I recognised.

Would you be available for me to phone you to discuss a potential project? I’ve attached an NDA. Could you sign a printed copy, scan and send it back to me?

John Jones
Jones Olson

New Adventures and me

Some conferences just have ‘that’ special feeling. @media was the first for me in 2005. The An Event Apart in Seattle in 2010 where Ethan Marcotte first talked about responsive design, another. Most recently, the first New Adventures also in 2010.

Hosting a second responsive design workshop at Smashing Conference

Sorry to break into your Diamond Jubilee celebrations, but my Flexible Responsive Web Design workshop on the 19th September in Freiburg in Germany sold out so fast that Smashing Conference and I are hosting a second day. That’s right. We didn’t want disappointed Germans. Especially after Engerlaaand will be beating them in Euro 2012.

This one’s the day before the conference, on the 16th September.

You know the drill.

Come and have a look at what you would have won

I’ve given Vitaly and his Smashing Magazine team some (good natured) stick over the years, but (to their credit) they ignored me completely and have built a fabulous business that publishes the website and books including Smashing Book #3 that I was proud to write the closing chapter for.

Now they’re organising what I predict with be one of the best web conferences anywhere this year. The Smashing Conference will be held in beautiful, historic FreibergFreiburg in Germany on 17th and 18th September and the speaker line up is tremendous. Heck. It has three of my CSS heroes, two of my favourite people in the whole world, AND more. What a show it’s going to be!

As you probably heard, I’m taking a break from speaking this year (apart from Austin (see what I did there?)), but I will be hosting a Fashionably Flexible Responsive Web Design workshop on the 19th. It’s an updated version of the workshop that was so well received in Australia earlier in the year. (You can grab the slide deck from that from Speaker Deck to give you a taste.

You know the drill.

I’m looking forward to the Smashing Conference so much. So much! It’s going to be super, smashing, great.

Down under and fashionably flexible

It’s only three weeks until I’ll be flying down under to Australia to escape the British winter. While I’m there I’m hosting four Fashionably Flexible Responsive Web Design workshops — one in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

  • Perth: February 14th
  • Melbourne: February 17th
  • Sydney: February 24th
  • Brisbane: February 28th

This Fashionably Flexible Responsive Web Design workshop’s completely new and I’m excited because as well as talking about hot responsive topics, I’m putting the focus of this workshop onto design. In particular we’ll cover how to make the design decisions that designers (and developers) need to make everyday in the responsive workflow:

  • Designing from the content out
  • Responsive typography
  • Content or navigation first
  • Adapting navigation
  • When to apply layout
  • Content inspired breakpoints
Slide deck. (Work in progress)

I’ve been evolving the format over the last few months at private events for NRK and Finn.no, both in Oslo, and if the reaction of those folks is anything to go by, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane will be a blast.

“Thank you for a great day. It really inspired our developers and we’ve just rolled out the first of our responsive pages already. If our developers get this excited every time you’re, here I think we’ll need to have you come over every other month.”

Espen DalløkkenFinn, Oslo, Norway.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be refining the workshop’s content some more and building some brand new boilerplates for attendees to take away. I hope I’ll see you there.

There’s No Formula for Great Designs

I can’t quite believe that it’s been six years since Drew MacLellan first published 24 ways. Now ably assisted by a talented team of volunteers, Drew’s made his magazine a web designer’s stable read.

I’ve had the honour of writing a little something for it every year. My contribution, There’s No Formula for Great Designs is out today.

Andy Clarke re-examines the formula used to convert static to fluid grids, and describes how he adapts it within his own custom grids to maintain connectedness in designs across devices. Like great design, there’s a perfect Christmas out there somewhere, but there’s no formula for it.

Every year, I agonise over what I write for 24 ways, because the overall quality of articles just keeps on getting better. My top pick of this year has to be Front-end Style Guides by Anna Debenham.

24 ways is a shining example of people volunteering their knowledge and time, giving back to our industry to help others. I’m proud to have contributed again.

(I’ve gathered links to all my articles, including past writing for 24 ways, onto one new page.)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

I’ve just come off stage at An Event Apart San Francisco where I delivered ‘Smoke Gets In Your Eyes’, my talk about CSS3 animations, for the last time. The talk uses a a mad, mad, mad, mad manimation as vehicle to explain CSS3 animations and encourage people to use them (and other emerging CSS properties) for more than for cool, edge case demonstrations. For everyone not at An Event Apart this year, I’ve uploaded my slides on Speaker Deck.

Five Simple Steps holiday sale

Five Simple Steps are holding a Christmas sale, with 30% of all their books in all formats. There’s plenty of gifts for all the family, but you know what everyone wants, don’t you? That’s right. Hardboiled Web Design.

The Hardboiled Web Design Digital Edition (PDF, ePub & mobi) is only £12:00, but there’s nothing quite like the smell of print on Christmas morning. So get the one you love the Paperback & Digital Edition for only £29:00.

Ho, ho, ho.

Fashionably flexible responsive web design workshops — Australia 2012

There’s been much written about responsive design, but so much of it has focussed on aspects of technical implementation rather than about the design decisions that responsive design demands. So next February (2012), I’ll be travelling down-under to Australia to host four, yes four, ‘Fashionably flexible responsive web design’ workshops.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad manimation

I gave my first talk of the year at An Event Apart in Seattle. I’m speaking at all six of the events this year (and hosting two workshops ). I called the talk Smoke Gets In Your Eyes after the first episode of Mad Men because I was showing, for the very first time Madmanimation, the Mad Men opening titles recreated using CSS.

Seriously Hardboiled workshop partners

When we created our Hardboiled Web Design workshops, we wanted to work with partners who give our customers something extra. So we can’t be more pleased to have three amazing partners for our workshops in the UK — Microsoft, VPS.NET and Campaign Monitor.

Hardboiled Web Design workshops only weeks away

It’s been two months since my new book, Hardboiled Web Design, was published by Five Simple Steps and a few weeks since the paperback started arriving on desks and shelves around the world. It’s been incredibly exciting to read how much people love it. Now preparations are in full swing for what comes next, Hardboiled Web Design workshops across the UK.

Book ‘em Danno! Hardboiled Web Design workshops

No it wasn’t a revolutionary new device. It wasn’t even the release of The Beatles music in a lower quality, more expensive format. Oh no, it was much more exciting. Hardboiled Web Design workshop dates in 2011. Yeah! No kidding!

My new book, Hardboiled Web Design

After a year in the planning and six months in the making, my new book, Hardboiled Web Design is available to buy from Five Simple Steps

Uncovering Hardboiled Web Design

Although writing a book might appear to be a lonely occupation, in reality it’s a team effort. For Hardboiled Web Design I’ve been lucky to work some incredible talent, including cover artist, the one and only Kevin Cornell.

Hardboiling it (the example files)

A large part of writing a book about website design, markup and CSS is designing and producing the example files that accompany the book. For Hardboiled Web Design, this meant several months of designing, coding, redesigning, recoding and testing.

Hardboiling it with Elliot Jay Stocks

Writing and producing a book like Hardboiled Web Design provides a fantastic opportunity to work with other, amazing designers, illustrators or a mixture of the two like Elliot Jay Stocks.

Hardboiling it (Part One)

One of the nicest parts about writing and producing a book like Hardboiled Web Design in partnership with a boutique publisher like Five Simple Steps is having the opportunity to work with other, amazing designers, illustrators and photographers.

Want to learn from the best about jQuery and Designing for Mobile with CSS3?

Want to learn from the best about jQuery and Designing for Mobile with CSS3? Places are still available on For A Beautiful Web workshops: Designing for Mobile with CSS3 with Dan Rubin and jQuery for Designers with Remy Sharp.

Publishing Hardboiled Web Design

I would like to share some very exciting news about Hardboiled Web Design.

The CSS3 Online Conference

In other conference news, this time of the online kind, I will be broadcasting from my orbiting space-station for The CSS3 Online Conference,  organised by Carsonified on March 22nd.

Web Directions @media is back in London in June

The conference that got it all started for me as a speaker comes back to London on June 10th and 11th for a sixth year, this time with a new face —  Web Directions @media.

Announcing jQuery for Designers with Remy Sharp

A month ago I tweeted about my own frustrations with learning jQuery. If you’re a designer or developer and you feel the same way, I’m over the moon to announce a new For A Beautiful Web workshop: jQuery for Designers with Remy Sharp.

2010 - A year of hardboiled events and more

After traveling from the USA for An Event Apart to Australia and Japan for Web Directions in 2009, I had expected 2010 to be quieter. I was wrong. 2010 is going to be busier and more hardboiled than ever.

Computer Arts Projects interview on a Decade Of Web Design

Just out, issue 132 of Computer Arts Projects, including a section on a Decade Of Web Design featuring interviews with Brendan Dawes, Elliot Jay Stocks and me. If you can’t get out today to pick up a copy, here is my interview.

Announcing Designing for Mobile with CSS3 workshop with Dan Rubin

For A Beautiful Web is starting 2010 with a bang, by bringing Dan Rubin, one of world’s best designers and mobile specialists, to the UK for a full day workshop teaching the key steps to help you transform your site for mobile users.

Unleashed In The East

Tomorrow I leave for Japan, taking For A Beautiful Web‘s Advanced CSS Styling workshop to Tokyo and then presenting an edited version of Walls Come Tumbling Down at   Web Directions East 2009 .

Why For A Beautiful Web DVDs are missing from Amazon.co.uk

If you’ve been looking to buy any (or all) of my three new For A Beautiful Web DVDs (Designing With CSS, Designing Web Accessibility and Designing With Microformats) from Amazon.co.uk, you’ll have noticed that they are not listed. Here’s why.

Please start from the beginning

Last Friday I recorded a video interview with Ryan Taylor. In it I talk about my first job (making My Little Ponies), web design and conference speaking.

For A Beautiful Web DVD credits and gag reel

Today I’m reviewing the final edit of my Designing With CSS DVD. I couldn’t resist sharing the end credits and gag reel.

Register for a For A Beautiful Web master-class and receive a free, one-year Typekit subscription

What can I say? How chuffed am I? Chuffed to little mint balls, that’s how much. Why? Because I am excited to announce that everyone who registers for a For A Beautiful Web master-class will receive a one-year Typekit Portfolio subscription, courtesy of our friends at Small Batch.

A little post-holiday reading

I’m back from two-weeks hard-earned holiday in the south of France. What have I missed? Over five-hundred unread RSS posts for starters. I’m not usually one for best of entries, but here, in no particular order, are some things that have caught my attention — too many for a deluge of elsewhere entries.

Advanced CSS Styling in Japan

It’s a secret I need keep no longer — we’re taking For A Beautiful Web to Japan in partnership with our friends at Web Directions.

Advanced CSS Styling workshop schedule

If you’re planning to attend, or thinking about attending, one of our Advanced CSS Styling workshops in either Birmingham on September 25th 2009 or Newcastle Upon Tyne on October 30th 2009, here is the schedule for the event workshop to whet your appetite.

Announcing Advanced CSS Styling workshop dates in Birmingham and Newcastle Upon Tyne

We had such a great time presenting our master-classes in London last year and in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, we decided to host more. ‘Advanced CSS Styling’ will be a one-day workshop in Birmingham on September 25th 2009 and Newcastle Upon Tyne on October 30th 2009. Ten early-bird tickets are available per event at only £275.00+VAT per person, but get in quick, these are sure to be snapped up quickly.

Reading room

You might have noticed already, things are looking a little different around here. Over the Easter weekend, I took some time away from the pressing matter of eating chocolate to work on a redesign, specifically to address (justifiable) concerns over the previous design’s readability but also to prepare bringing For A Beautiful Web visually in line with a coming redesign of the Transcending CSS book site.

Visual Web Design Master-classes in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney - April 2009

In just a few short weeks, in the middle of April, I’ll be squeezing myself into an airline seat and flying the 9500 miles from home to Australia. This will be the third time that I’ve made the trip in four years, the last two times to speak in Sydney at Web Directions.

tweetCC is Wired

I’m sorry for posting twice on the same day about tweetCC, but it’s not everyday that something that I have worked on and feel super passionate about is picked up by, and hits the homepage of Wired.

FABW masterclasses Australia 2009

As the title suggests, we’re spreading our wings and taking our For A Beautiful Web Visual Web Design Masterclass to Australia this April, with dates in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.

Speaking at @media2009

I’m really pleased that I can announce that, along with a formidable cast of old pros, I’ll be speaking at @media2009 in London on 25th and 26th of June. This will, incredibly, be the sixth time that I’ve spoken at @media (2005, 2006, 2007 (twice), 2008 and now 2009) and this year I’ll be talking about something a little different.

Teach The Web

Last year, Leslie Jensen-Inman was working on her graduate thesis and interviewed a cast of shady characters including Andy Budd, (Gentleman) Jon Hicks, Jeremy Keith and yours truly on the subject of web design and development education.

(How to be a) Contract Killer

Important: Contract Killer has been updated.

24ways goes from strength to strength each year and I was so pleased when Drew McLellan asked me back to contribute again.


Stuff and Nonsense is ten years old today.

Guerilla venue switching

What would you do if with only minutes until your guests arrive for your first workshop event, your venue suddenly becomes unavailable? Would you panic?

Only two weeks and a handful of places to go

As I check off the days on my calendar, there are only two full weeks until our Visual Web Design Master Class in London on December 1st and only a handful of places still available.

Have a beer with Karl Marx

Well not exactly. Herr Marx has been dead for 125 years, and anyway, I hear that he was often too poor to buy a round. Still, we think that we're showing solidarity to hold our Visual Web Design Master Class evening social in the beardy geezer's local boozer.

Watching the Watchmen

If you attended An Event Apart in either Chicago or New Orleans, or @media in London this year, you might have seen Underpants Over My Trousers, my talk about how comic book design conventions and principles can influence web page design.

Win a copy of Inspired Design (DVD) and Transcending CSS

I am really, really pleased that places on our Visual Web Design Master Class are selling fast. Book your place before 10th October 2008 and you could win a copy of Inspired Design (DVD) and Transcending CSS (book), together worth £68.00*.

The best conference schwag?

Having spoken at almost twenty major conferences in the last few years, I've picked up a fair selection of schwag items and giveaways. Now that we are busy organizing our first For A Beautiful Web events, I'd love to know what the best shwag items you've received are.

Introducing For A Beautiful Web

It's been on my mind for a while. In the last few years I've been one of the luckiest web designers on this planet (and probably others) because I've been asked to travel all over the world to talk about web design, CSS and even comic books. I love every minute of it.

Heading for Web Directions

Tomorrow will see me making the long journey south to Sydney, Australia to speak at what will be my third Web Directions conference. Although the prospect of so many hours confined to an aircraft seat is again a little daunting, I’m looking forward to what (if previous years are anything to go by) will be an amazing event.

Spotted the difference?

This is the all new Stuff and Nonsense web site. Things have changed a great deal around here since the last time you may have stopped by. This site is a merger of two domains, the Stuff and Nonsense company portfolio plus the archives from And All That Malarkey.