Hardboiled Web Design anniversary, £7.99 paperback and ebook offer

A few days ago was the fourth anniversary of our publishing Hardboiled Web Design. Four years since some friends and I wrote, illustrated and published a book.

I wrote the book, Jeffrey Zeldman the foreword, Simon Collison the introduction. Owen Gregory, Chris Mills and Tim Van Damme edited. Geri Coady and Elliot Jay Stocks illustrated. Mark Boulton published.

Who can forget that amazing cover painting by Kevin Cornell? I know I’m biased, but I think that cover’s the best to ever grace a web design book.

I’m still enormously proud of what we made. The book’s stood the test of those four years pretty well. Some of the CSS I teach in part four has developed since then but the core principles remain true. Most of the responsive design examples I used have changed too, but Hardboiled Web Design wasn’t just about the code.

It was about an attitude:

‘Hardboiled’ web design is about never compromising on creating the best work we can for the web. Hardboiled is about challenging assumptions. Hardboiled is never being afraid to push boundaries, break rules or invent new ones. Hardboiled is stripping our markup to the bone to make it more adaptable to whatever the web might throw at it. Hardboiled is not hesitating to make the most of new technologies. Being hardboiled won’t be easy, but if you’re ready to challenge yourself, light a smoke, take a lungful and steel yourself. It’s going to be a long night.

That hasn’t changed and I believe that the core message of Hardboiled Web Design is as valuable today as it was four years ago.

Paperback and eBook for only £7.99

If you haven’t bought Hardboiled Web Design before, here’s the best deal we’ve ever done. To celebrate the anniversary, Five Simple Steps and I have dropped the price to an incredible low £7.99. For that you’ll get the ebook in all the important formats and the beautifully designed and printed paperback book.

This offer is available through until the end of The Web Is… conference in Cardiff next week, Friday 31st. I’ll be at the conference and signing copies too, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Hardboiled Web Design is still a great read, even four years after I wrote it and if I say so myself. Get your copy at Five Simple Steps.


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