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For over ten years our blog’s been a popular destination for thousands of website designers and developers from all around the world.

Falling foul of iOS’s 3 megapixel resource limit

One of the most important elements in our recent redesign is our new portfolio. We ran out of time during the redesign week and couldn’t include all of the portfolio pieces we’d planned. This week we’re adding more and while we were doing that I discovered something I hadn’t known before about large images and iOS.

Hosting a second responsive design workshop at Smashing Conference

Sorry to break into your Diamond Jubilee celebrations, but my Flexible Responsive Web Design workshop on the 19th September in Freiburg in Germany sold out so fast that Smashing Conference and I are hosting a second day. That’s right. We didn’t want disappointed Germans. Especially after Engerlaaand will be beating them in Euro 2012.

This one’s the day before the conference, on the 16th September.

You know the drill.

We need a standard show navigation icon for responsive web design

You know those responsively designed sites where — on small screens like smartphones — navigation is either hidden or set at the bottom of a layout, then revealed when you click a button? Well, I think we need a standard ‘show navigation’ icon for that button in responsive web design.

All the slides from my full day responsive design workshop

I guess if you’ve been following my tweets or Instagram photos, you’ll know that I’ve been in Australia presenting a series of ‘Fashionably flexible responsive web design’ workshops. I had the most amazing time in Australia and I want to say a huge thank-you to John and Maxine for helping me make it possible. I’d also like to thank everyone who attended for contributing to the discussion and sharing their experiences.

I couldn’t have built a full day’s workshop without referencing the work of others. So my special thanks go to John Allsopp (again), Mark Boulton, Brad Frost, Jeremy Keith, Ethan Marcotte, Brian and Stephanie Rieger, Luke Wroblewski and all the designers and developers whose work I featured.

With the Australian tour now over, I’ll be working on adapting the workshop’s content for a new video. More on that another day. But today I’m making available the slides from my Australian workshops on Speaker Deck. Of course slides without commentary and context are worth only so much. But hell, you just had to be there.

Fashionably flexible responsive web design workshops — Australia 2012

There’s been much written about responsive design, but so much of it has focussed on aspects of technical implementation rather than about the design decisions that responsive design demands. So next February (2012), I’ll be travelling down-under to Australia to host four, yes four, ‘Fashionably flexible responsive web design’ workshops.

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