The Official Unofficial Hardboiled Web Design Index

From time to time, I get asked, “Why no index in Hardboiled Web Design?” My usual flippant answer being, “What? You want it even thicker?” Still, I know some people like indexes and the Hardboiled paperback doesn’t have one, (unless you count searching in the PDF version). Steven Milne has taken matters into his own hands with his unofficial Hardboiled Index.

The only problem with the excellent Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke is the lack of an index. Nothing makes me less likely to grab a book for a quick lookup than a lack of an index - and it’s a great book for lookups. So I pulled one together this evening while listening to Radio 4 - how civilised. I’ve posted the markdown, ODT and PDF on github - please fork and improve it, it’s just a start. Print A4 and trim to fit!

Ballsy. I like it.

It’s now The Official Unofficial Hardboiled Web Design Index.


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