Why For A Beautiful Web DVDs are missing from Amazon.co.uk

If you’ve been looking to buy any (or all) of my three new For A Beautiful Web DVDs (Designing With CSS, Designing Web Accessibility and Designing With Microformats) from Amazon.co.uk, you’ll have noticed that they are not listed. Here’s why.

From the horse's mouth and an email from Glenn Bisignani, Product Marketing Manager at Peachpit / New Riders.

Our international marketing manager and UK rep are actively working to get your DVDs listed on Amazon UK. Unfortunately, it's not a quick fix and has to do with the fact that it's a DVD which is subject to Value Added Tax in the UK. We cannot change the binding like we did in the U.S. to make the listings show up on Amazon for that reason.

Because the products must be listed as DVDs it's not able to go through our normal electronic feed and has to be coded manually. Both Amazon and Pearson have been working on a fix that will automate the process but it's not completed. Sorry for the delay.

I'm sorry too and I hope that the process won't take too much longer. If you're aching to get your hands on any or all of these DVDs and can order from the United States, they are available from both Peachpit/New Riders and from Amazon.com.

Ordering via this site earns me a fraction more in royalties, but costs you nothing more.

Sorry for the infomercial. Normal malarkey will be resumed as soon as possible.


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