You’re living in a fantasy world

Always an example of the best the web design industry has to offer, this year 24 ways, the advent calendar for web geeks, has its focus firmly set on moving your web design forward.

Having had an advance preview of Tim Van Damme’s CSS space animation, I wrote on Twitter.

Just seen something that, at 12pm tonight, will change the web forever! (link)

That isn’t hype-mongering. I am speechless, stunned, flabbergasted. And you will be too. (link)

OK, maybe I was a little enthusiastic but this was not mindless hyperbole. I was excited, because after several months of researching examples and learning CSS animations for my next book, finally here was one of the world’s best designers putting his huge talents to work to demonstrate some of the myriad of new possibilities.

And what did you do? Whinge? Play the eternal pessimist? Harp on about browser support or performance?

This is nothing new. In June I wrote about being fearful about the state of mind of web designers after an excellent article by Inayaili de Leon was drowned by a chorus of:

Great article, thanks but I think to wait that the most of browsers support CSS3 totally to develop websites for my clients.

I can’t wait to start using the new CSS3 standard, but I don’t think we can start just yet. Especially when IE isn’t supported in some of these.

I hope CSS3 will be a standard in the near future, right now you cant really use anything of it ’cause not every browser supports it.

If you’re one of those people who is hiding behind the outdated notion that web sites should look, or be experienced, exactly the same in every browser, you are in for a nasty shock. The real question is not should web sites look the same in every browser but can they? The answer is no. Live with that, move on.

If you are one of those people who is waiting until using progressive CSS is safe because all major browsers support the same CSS at the same time, you’re living in a fantasy world.

Unlike CSS1, 2 or 2.1, CSS3 is not one single specification. Instead CSS3 is a series of modules that are designed to allow browser makers to implement them when and if they choose. Browser makers will make implementation decisions based on their own business agendas and timetables. That is why the prospect of widespread CSS3 compatibility among browsers is unlikely for the foreseeable future.

You should accept that, today. Move on. Do the best work that can you can with the best tools available. Learn how to explain the facts of life to your clients or employers. Give them realistic expectations. Dismiss their preconceptions. Above all, have fun.

Or find another career.


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