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David Ransom retires, but refuses to retreat, from New Internationalist

It hadn't occurred to me that this would be the first day I no longer worked for the New Internationalist. I walked through the centre of Oxford in the early morning among Morris dancers, toffs in ball gowns, people disguised as trees and choristers dressed as angels chirping unseen from somewhere up a bell tower. May Day is celebrated in Oxford with almost no reference to the reason for the holiday in Britain — International Labour Day — though since the Thatcher era the spring holiday has been attached to the nearest weekend, rather than to the day itself, in a quintessentially British style of paganism.

The Majority World blog

Peace offerings

Members of citizens’ groups for peace that attempt to bridge the Israeli-Palestinian divide talk with Hadani Ditmars about why working together brings its own rewards.

No room for bigots

Canadian multiculturalism is in rude health and has licked the kinds of problems that crop up in other countries. Haroon Siddiqui explains how.

The Gaza blog

To craft a new society

A divided society needs new answers and new identities, argues Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

The Age of Possibility

As the empire of international finance collapses, David Ransom finds the chance to reset the compass towards democracy, equality and the survival of our planet.

The Yasuni blog

Africa to Appalachia

Sissoko’s warm-toned vocals and fluid kora work, counterpointed by Stone’s banjo-picking make for a wonderfully expansive sound on Africa to Appalachia.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Although Gandhi is a household name all over the world, Babasaheb Ambedkar, architect of the Indian Constitution and the first person to fight effectively for the rights of dalits.

The Japan blog

Factory Occupation In Enfield

Workers at Visteon factory Enfield London have seized control of their factory following major lay-offs and need help to resist eviction expected from 10am either Friday 3 or Saturday 4 April.

Asking for trouble?

April 1 protests in London were remarkably peaceful, considering public anger and provocative police tactics, writes Vanessa Baird.

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    20 Nov 09

    The Zero Carbon Caravan sets off for Copenhagen in August.

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    20 Nov 09

    Socialism is no match for plastic cups!

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    20 Nov 09

    Environmental justice campaigner Jutta Kill lays out ten reasons to reject carbon offsets.

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    20 Nov 09

    Co-editor Adam Ma’anit argues it’s time to ditch the guilt.

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    20 Nov 09

    Brazilian environmentalist Marcelo Calazans imagines a dystopian future where the carbon offset industry is permitted to expand at great cost to Brazilian forests.

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