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Lewa House, Kenya

Lewa House wanted a new design to help promote their safari experiences and accommodation in Northern Kenya, so they wrote to us.

There’s nothing that inspires us more than a good story and Sophie Macfarlane’s account of how she took over her grandparents’ conservation in Northern Kenya was one such story.

We love to work with people who care deeply, madly about what they do and Sophie and her husband Calum really care. That made them wonderful people to work with every day while we were designing and developing their new site for Lewa House.


To update the Lewa House brand with new colour palettes, typography and a logo. To redesign the website to encourage more enquiries by telling the ‘story‘ of Lewa.

Inspired by nature

While designing for Lewa House we were inspired by the landscape around it.


Lewa House is a unique and special place and we wanted their new website design to reflect that. We’re often inspired by photography when we choose the colours for a design and Lewa House provided a rich source of colour inspiration from the lush greens of their rainy season to the deep reds of the earth.

A limited colour palette creates harmony and a design that feels ordered, so we chose a simple palette of colours from the Lewa House photographs, then used them to create subtle tints for the website design. We evolved the Lewa House logo with a new logotype of an acacia tree and Mt. Kenya illustration. We matched the line-work of the logo in the animal silhouette graphics that divide the sections of the page.


We love the Jubilat typeface from Darden Studio and for Lewa House we used its light and extra light weights.


See more of this work on our Lewa House Dribbble project.

Colour, typography and texture

On the Lewa House website, colour, typography and texture transcend layout in a concept we call design ‘atmosphere.’

We work with words as often as images and for this project we edited, organised and wrote copy for Lewa House, simplifying the site’s content and flattening its structure so that most information and the ‘calls to action’ are presented on a single page.

It’s impossible to predict what size of screen or type of device — smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer — people will use to view a website. That’s why it’s important to design a site that’s ‘responsive.’ We start with the smallest screens first, creating the ‘atmosphere’ of a design — colour, typography and texture — as these aspects transcend layout across all screen sizes. When it makes sense for the presentation of a site’s content, we introduce layout and make changes to other facets of the design when screen sizes are larger. This helps to create a complete design that feels ‘at home’ on any device a person chooses to use to view it.

We spent three weeks working on the Lewa House project. Week one on branding and design ‘atmosphere,’ week two on user experience and page layout design and the final week on technical development and the Perch CMS software.

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