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Our design for the large screen layout of the The World Intellectual Property Organisation homepage.

WIPO, The World Intellectual Property Organisation needed help redesigning their large and complex website, so they wrote to us.

To help our projects stay focussed, we divide them into time-limited ‘sprints,’ Sprints are intensive periods of work that are dedicated to completing a strictly defined set of requirements, often grouped together under a common theme and usually lasting one week. We divided our work for The World Intellectual Property Organisation into six initial sprints.

We tested the legibility and readability of our typography design across screen sizes and devices.


Design the site’s ‘atmosphere’ and responsive page layouts. Then develop responsive page templates plus a stylesheet toolkit for their developers to use while building the website.

How do you begin redesigning a site as large as WIPO’s? We did it by designing the smallest things first, starting with what really matters to WIPO’s users, their content.

In the first week we listed the various types of text content found across the WIPO website. We included everything from different types of paragraphs, to image captions, lists and quotations, then classified and identified them. From this we designed ‘text-level’ styles and tested them across many different screen sizes and devices to ensure the best legibility and readability. Over the next several sprints, we designed:

  • A new palette for brand and sub-brand colours
  • The ‘atmosphere’ of the new design
  • Styles for all content-level elements
  • Three responsive grids for small, medium and large screens
  • Responsive content modules for every type of content and functionality

By focussing on the parts, we made designing the whole of the WIPO website more manageable and in doing so we created a visual language system that will inform WIPO’s future design decisions.

We created a visual language system that will inform WIPO’s future design decisions.

We love to get to know our clients, so as often as we can we work alongside them, either at their place or ours. For the six of the eight weeks working with WIPO, we based ourselves at their headquarters in Geneva. Being on hand helped us to get answers to our questions and respond to their feedback faster. It also helped them to be better integrated into the design process from beginning to end.

Our responsive page templates plus the stylesheet toolkit made the process of designing sites for WIPO’s many different activities such as WIPO GREEN simple and efficient.


We worked alongside WIPO’s talented in-house marketing and communications team and our friend and development partner David Roessli for eight week-long sprints at WIPO headquarters in Geneva. The information architecture of the new website was built by iA.

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