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Inspired by Alexey Brodovitch

Alexey Brodovitch’s knowledge of photography gave his work its classic feel. Brodovitch often cropped photographs in unexpected ways, and he placed them off-centre—sometimes bleeding them outside the margins of a page—to create compositions which were full of energy and movement.

“Surprise quality can be achieved in many ways. It may be produced by a certain stimulating geometrical relationship between elements in the picture, or through the human interest of the situation photographed, or by calling our attention to some commonplace but fascinating thing we have never noticed before, or it can be achieved by looking at an everyday thing in a new interesting way.”

—Alexey Brodovitch
Inspiration for my design
Inspiration for my design

About Alexey Brodovitch

Brodovitch was born in Russia in 1898. After moving to the United States in 1930, Harper’s Bazaar became Brodovitch’s most well-known project. It’s Brodovitch’s art direction for Harper’s Bazaar which has influenced designers since the 1940s. His designs were elegant, something Carmel Snow once described as “good taste, plus a dash of daring.”

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