Rear-engined, small city car

Launched as the Nuova 500 in 1957 ⌾ A successor to the Topolino, it was an inexpensive and practical little car ⌾ The 500 was smaller than Fiat’s 600, launched two years earlier ⌾ One of the first purpose-designed city cars

Fiat Automobiles 1957–’75

Inspired by David King

Born near London, David King studied typography at the London School of Printing. It was at LSP that King was first exposed to Soviet Constructivist revolutionary graphics and political art. King worked in advertising agencies and then became the art editor of The Sunday Times from 1965 to 1975. In the 1970s, King created posters and graphics for many political groups, including the Anti-Apartheid Movement and the National Union of Journalists. He created the red-and-yellow arrow logo for the Anti-Nazi League and also designed posters for Rock Against Racism concerts and marches.

“If anyone had told me there would still be inequality, racism, kings, queens and religious maniacs stalking the planet, I would have considered them crazy.”

—David King
Inspiration for my design
Inspiration for my design

About David King

David King was a British writer, designer and historian of graphic design. He devoted his career to uncovering and chronicling the art of the Soviet and the Constructivist periods, developing posters and graphics for many political groups.

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