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The Zombie Hunt team were franchising their successful business and needed a new design to attract customers and potential franchisees.

The team had already made choices about colour, but they’d left plenty of room for improvement. We created new versions of their original colours and devised a double-split complementary palette which offers even more options for harmonious colours. But, the mathematics of colour theory is only the starting point of colour design. So, we recoloured every design element, including those fabulous stock illustrations.

Creating multiple themes has become one of our favourite parts of working on a project like Zombie Hunt because it provides another aspect of design where we can be creative.

The interplay of two grids makes a compound layout more interesting than one grid used in isolation. Our most used compound grid combines four and five columns, giving us endless possibilities for designs like Zombie Hunt.

The result is a fun website design which matches the Zombie Hunt team’s business idea.

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Zombie Hunt page design

We developed the Zombie Hunt website using the most modern CSS and markup. To allow them to make edits to their content, we developed the website using the Eleventy CMS, hosted it on Netlify, and added version control from Github.

Zombie Hunt page design
Zombie Hunt page design

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