Making projects enjoyable and productive

Over many years, we’ve developed an agile and highly collaborative approach that combines our own experiences with aspects of user experience design and Agile development. This approach has been very successful in delivering effective creative work on time and on budget.

Once we’ve agreed to work together and our paperwork’s signed, we’ll undertake a ‘discovery phase’ typically lasting one week. During this time we’ll develop a creative brief, a technical brief, or both, depending on the project, and we’ll facilitate design workshops to ensure that everyone involved knows what’s needed to make the project a success.

Our approach to designing websites and web applications combines our own experiences with aspects of user experience design and Agile development. We begin most projects by working with you to create several ‘personas’ that represent the people who will visit your website or use your application. These personas are useful tools that help us understand a visitor’s and your goals. They’re also helpful when deciding the content you’ll present and its placement in the website.

We develop our designs iteratively, building up layers of fidelity over the duration of a project. Our design and development process is fluid and we switch between static visuals and code as we iterate. While we’re designing we also test across a range of test devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Design partners

We regularly supplement our clients’ teams of in-house designers or become their ‘design partner,’ consulting on their design strategy. We work with brand and print design agencies and individuals, combining their creative skills with our knowledge of what works online.

King’s College Hospital Trust
Designing atmosphere

Designing colour, typography and texture using web design style guides helps us to focus more clearly on the aspects of design that transcend responsive breakpoints.

Designing atmosphere and elements

Because a website must look beautiful and work fabulously across every size and type of screen, it’s important to first create the ‘atmosphere’ of its design. This atmosphere—colour, texture and typography—transcends screen sizes and makes a design uniquely yours.

We design original responsive grids and these adapt your design to different screen sizes. Then we work with our chosen typefaces, making minute adjustments to typography so that your content looks at its best on any type of device. We create ‘web design guides.’ You might think of them as style guides, made at the beginning rather than at the end of the project. They contain designs for all the content and functionality on your website.

We develop these web design guides using HTML, CSS and Javascript so that you can see and interact with them on any device that has a web browser. You’ll also watch as we develop your design into responsive templates of the most important areas of your website or application. These templates, plus the design guide full element and module designs, will be handed to a developer for integration into your CMS or another system.

Successful projects

We’ve successfully used this approach with both private and public sector clients, including The National STEM Centre, King’s College Hospital Trust, Hillsborough Independent Panel (UK Home Office) ISO, STV and WIPO.

STEM Learning
Unique grid designs

Off-the-shelf grids from frameworks such as Bootstrap aren’t good enough for us, so for every project we design a unique responsive grid that perfectly suits the content and functionality we’re presenting.

An agile, collaborative approach

To help our projects stay focussed, we divide them into several week-long ‘sprints,’ each devoted to a specific design challenge. Sprints are intensive periods of work that are dedicated to completing a set of requirements, often grouped under a common theme.

We’re flexible and when we can we work alongside you, either at your place or ours, so that you can ask questions and make suggestions throughout the process. We don’t hide our work away until we’re ready for a ‘big reveal.’ For the times we’re apart, we set up a shared Dropbox folder or version control repository so that you can watch as our work progresses.

Every day we meet either in person or over Skype to review the previous days’ work and discuss the work that’s planned for that day. We’ll hold this catchup everyday at the same time, no matter who’s present, and we limit it to just fifteen minutes. When we’re not together in person, a dedicated Skype or Slack channel is always open.

How we charge

We schedule projects over several week-long ‘sprints’ and we charge a flat rate fee of £5000.00 plus VAT per week that covers everyone who’s working on the project. We ask for one week’s fee in advance on signing and then one week paid before each sprint begins.

Projects in-depth

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