Design consulting for agencies, media, and product companies

Would you like a consistent brand across every marketing channel, including email, print, social and website? Do you want a coherent customer experience across marketing and products? I can help you with that.

Andy Clarke speaking Andy Clarke

I’m a consultant designer with senior-level experience working with product and technology, and publishing and media companies. I’m also a well-known author and teacher on design and front-end development technologies and I now pass on my experience through coaching and mentoring.

Sometimes what your business needs is an outside perspective and independent advice.

Publishing and media companies

Who need help bringing a magazine or newspaper’s design to their website, including creating and maintaining a style guide which can be used for both print and the web. I have experience working with magazines, newspapers, and television stations:

Product/tech companies

I provide expertise for companies wanting to create a consistent brand experience across their marketing and product. I have practical experience in developing, implementing and maintaining design systems and can create concept designs, prototypes, and templates. I can work with design and development teams and have senior leadership experience and have worked with CEOs, CDOs, COOs, and CTOs:

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Agency coaching to develop and improve your design team

Would you like the designers on your team to know what’s possible from the latest web technologies so they can improve the quality of designs you deliver to client? Do you want your developers to learn how to use new CSS properties? Are you keen find ways to develop and retain people on your team? My coaching programs can help.

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