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I’m Andy Clarke and for over 25 years, I’ve led the web industry towards accessible, engaging, and impactful designs using innovative applications of the latest technologies. I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and industries to achieve their goals through design. Now, I continue to work hands-on to deliver the highest quality product website and product designs while mentoring the next generation of web designers. I’m proud to have been trusted by:

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25 years

Designing for the web since before Google was founded and PCs were still Pentiums.

Design native

I’ve seen trends come and go, but I believe that core design principles never go out of fashion.


I understand technology and how it offers us opportunities to be creative.

Practically creative

Always at the cutting edge of advances in web technologies, I know how to use them creatively and practically.


We help product and website owners by creating compelling digital product and website designs. We’ve worked with household names plus dozens of small and medium-size businesses.

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Andy is an experienced and skilled coach and mentor who can help you develop your skills as a designer and build your career in design.

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Count Binface logo
Count Binface artwork
Count Binface artwork
Count Binface artwork
Count Binface website

Website and marketing assets design

Count Binface. Space warrior and political candidate

Count Binface is a satirical political candidate created by the British comedy writer, director, and producer Jon Harvey. In June 2024, my post about “Imagining what I’d make if Count Binface came calling” caught The Count’s attention and he demanded that I design and develop a new website for his 2024 General Election campaign against Prime Minister Rishi Soon Axed.

While the initial goal was to provide a platform for his campaign in the 2024 general election, the longer-term goal was to increase paying newsletter subscribers, podcast listeners—which helps raise money through advertising,—and promote tour ticket sales, another important source of revenue.

Andy’s reputation reached across the omniverse to my home planet Sigma 9. So, after seeing his ideas, I commanded him to turn them into what humans call a “website” for my 2024 General Election campaign against Prime Binister Minister Rishi Soon Axed.

Count Binface. Intergalactic space warrior and political candidate
Neurodiverse Training logo
Neurodiverse Training artwork
Neurodiverse Training artwork
Neurodiverse Training artwork
Neurodiverse Training website

Branding, visual identity, and website design

Neurodiverse Training

Neurodiverse Training offer consulting and training on ADHD, autism, and neurodiversity to organisations including the NHS. Their business has grown and they’ve attracted larger clients, so their founder Loren Snow asked me to design a new brand and website. As Loren’s personal brand plays a part in attracting new business, they wanted a visual connection between personal and business brands. So, I designed a distinctive colour palette, visually connected graphic assets, and layouts which Loren’s team can integrate into their websites.

Andy worked with me every step, to my schedule, and he brought my ideas to life beautifully. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and is enthusiastic, composed, and cool.

Loren Snow
Michael Baugh logo
Michael Baugh artwork
Michael Baugh artwork
Michael Baugh artwork
Michael Baugh website

Branding, visual identity, and website design

Michael Baugh. Composer

Michael Baugh is a British composer and multi-instrumentalist who works with some of the biggest names in music. He asked me to design and develop a new website that reflects his personality. So, I designed a new visual identity and created a bespoke series of original graphic illustrations with animations and integrated audio players. I developed a flexible website design and integrated a simple-to-use CMS for easy content editing.

I searched long and hard for a web designer to create something unique, that stands out, and is more than a website. Andy delivered precisely that. If you’re looking for attention to detail, collaboration, quality, seamless execution, and maximum creativity, look no further.

Michael Baugh
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