Web design and art direction for successful products and websites

Design expertise for digital products and websites

My name’s Andy Clarke. I’m a well-known designer, consultant, writer, and speaker on art direction and design for products and websites.

For 20 years, I’ve helped some of the biggest companies to improve their designs, providing consulting, design expertise, and workshops.

My work aims to make designs which are distinctive and engaging, to deliver better customer experiences across marketing and products.

I’m based in North Wales, and work remotely and onsite with design, marketing, development, and leadership teams to deliver world-class creative strategies.

I bring the same creative, critical thinking to designing products and websites, no matter how big or small your business.

As part of in-house creative teams, I offer guidance and training on product and website design, design systems, and style guides.

Spanning creative design, editorial and technical, I offer consultancy on how to deliver art direction and distinctive designs at scale.

I’ve written several books on website design and I regularly speak at conferences including An Event Apart, Smashing Conference, UX Australia, and Web Directions.

Website design

From my studio in North Wales I design and build websites which are visually distinctive and engaging, and deliver incredible results for businesses large and small, all over the world.        

Agency coaching

I have over 20 years experience running a digital agency and coach others on pitching, dealing with clients, developing better business pipelines, and getting paid faster.        

Designer mentoring

Strategies for delivering critical projects, develop in-house design teams, and sell ideas to management and stakeholders, whenever you need them.        

World-class website and product designs


Ansarada : For over a year, I worked with Ansarada to develop their brand and visual identity. I worked alongside their CEO, CPO, and CMO and consulted on how art direction and design can help in turning Ansarada from a single-product company into a global SaaS business. During this time, their website saw a year-on-year increase in conversions of 320% and prospects rose from 44,000–385,000.  


Greenpeace is focussed on environmental protection issues in Poland. I optimised their donation process to maximise conversion opportunities by redesigning someone’s journey from their essential campaign pages to donating to the organisation. I designed a set of compelling campaign pages that maximise their conversion opportunities and narrow the gap between their online and on-the-street campaigning. I also created templates and a style guide to enable the team in Poland to quickly develop more effective campaign pages in the future.


SunLife is a household name in the UK—providing insurance and financial services to the over 50s—but they suffered from a dilution of their brand across offline and online channels. I improved their consistency and reduced friction between their in-house designers and marketers and external agencies by designing and implementing a new design system that is now the source of truth for their design, marketing, and sales activities.  


WWF : I worked with the UK team to increase their online adoptions, donations, and membership by designing innovative ways to bundle adoptions and membership. I also simplified their adoption process and introduced new ways to adopt more than one animal. To increase customer engagement and enrolment, I designed compelling new adoption campaign pages.  


I’m available for hire to consult on and design products and websites. Based in North Wales, I travel regularly to work with clients world-wide.

Available from July 2018

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