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25 years web design experience in North Wales

25 years web design experience. No joke 25 years experience. No joke 25 YEARS’ WEB DESIGN EXPERIENCE. NO JOKE

We help product and website owners captivate their customers by delivering distinctive and original digital designs. From our studio in Cymru/Wales, we design engaging digital products and websites for clients around the world.

Hire us — We have eight weeks available in 2022 and are keen to work on projects where we can use our experience and talents to make a positive impact on climate, conservation, and poverty. Contact us.

Selected website projects

For 25 years we’ve worked on product and website designs with established brands and startups, charities, organisations, and NGOs. Well-known clients have included Disney Store, Greenpeace, SAP, SunLife, and WWF.

Creative approach

No matter its length or scope, we approach every product and website design project with the same curiosity and enthusiasm. We believe every design project deserves creative thinking, so we never settle for off-the-shelf solutions.

Inspired website designs

Our lead designer Andy Clarke has a fresh perspective to what we can achieve online. His knowledge of modern web technologies—combined with a unique perspective on product and website design—helps us achieve product and website designs which are a world away from common generic templates.

Creative websites deliver results

We have experience creating product and website designs which are memorable, long lasting, and work across media. Our designs motivate customers and help businesses succeed.

We’re based in North Wales, within easy driving distance from Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester. We’re available to work with interesting people on designs for products and websites.

Beautiful websites, brilliant results

Andy Clarke is an accomplished website designer who believes in the power of ideas. After moving to Wales he co-founded his website design studio Stuff & Nonsense in 1998 and has worked with clients from every sector. Andy loves sharing his approach to web design and is a polished and popular speaker and teacher at web industry conferences worldwide. He’s written several popular books on art direction and website design.

Website creative brief

We can draw on 25 years experience to help you write a creative brief which outlines your project’s goals. Is your goal to attract new customers, encourage them to buy your products, or sign up for your service?

Brand guidelines

If yours is an established brand, you probably have guidelines for your visual identity. We can review your style guide and ensure it includes the elements needed for your website, print, and social media.

Visual identity

Your colours, typefaces, and graphic elements should represent your business’s personality. We can create an identity which will be consistent across all types of media.

Creative concepts

An original concept can communicate more than facts alone. Why should someone buy from your website? Why should they feel an affinity with your brand?

Intuitive interfaces

Working with startups and large organisations, our design experience means we can create intuitive interfaces for digital products and websites which people love to use.

Compelling websites

A compelling website can change how people perceive your business. We can craft a unique design which makes a genuine impact on your business and customers.

Interactive prototypes

We can use code to make interactive prototype designs for website testing on many devices. Developers can develop our code to integrate with your product or website.

Design systems

Design systems, libraries, or style guides are tools to design websites more quickly and with greater consistency. We can implement design systems and advise on how to maintain them.

Our projects often include

  1. 1 Writing briefs to outline project goals
  2. 2 Reviewing brand guidelines
  3. 3 Designing brands and visual identities
  4. 4 Developing creative concepts
  5. 5 Designing intuitive user interfaces
  6. 6 Making memorable experiences
  7. 7 Using code for interactive prototypes
  8. 8 Developing design systems
  9. 9 Collaborating with leaders or teams
  10. 10Sourcing illustrators and writers

Working with clients for over 25 years

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