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I design digital products and websites with meticulous care and obsessive attention to detail.

Abergele Dental page design

Abergele Dental

Razvan Beretchi was underwhelmed when he looked around at other dental surgery’s websites. They were mostly generic and template-based and he knew he didn’t want anything like that for his practice.

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Animal Search page design

We worked with Animal Search to devise a new creative concept, and design a refreshing palette of colours and typefaces. We commissioned brand designer Katy Cory to devise a new Animal Search logo and illustrator Vic Bell to make illustrations for the new website.

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Ansarada page design

For over a year, I worked in Sydney, Australia with Ansarada to develop their brand and visual identity. I worked alongside their CEO, CPO, and CMO and consulted on how art direction and design could help turn Ansarada from a single-product company into a global SaaS business.

Brexitstan page design

When I explore what new web technologies make possible, I like to create websites for fictitious campaigns, companies, or products. I used this design for a drive to rebrand Britain as Brexitstan to learn about generating images using AI tools.

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Buskers Bern page design

To relaunch the Buskers Bern festival in 2022, I designed a confident new creative direction. In little over a month, I delivered several rounds of creative concepts. Then, I developed interactive prototypes plus a style guide.

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Compass Financial page design

Their business is growing fast, but their previous website design still reflected their rural roots. I designed a confident new visual identity and page designs. Then, I worked with a developer to make them into a fast and flexible new website using the Eleventy CMS.

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Dementia Care Solutions page design

Dementia Care Solutions

Bill Keever was determined to make finding professional dementia care easier. So, I designed a contemporary and stylish website which reflects his team’s personal approach to their work.

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Ethos design

We designed the branding for ETHOS, a cybersecurity cooperative founded by Nozomi Network and partners, with the goal of sharing early threat indicator data.

Emma Bodger page design

Emma Bodger is a film/television director and producer whose work includes many popular UK soap operas. I spent time working on her visual identity and a new website.

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Greenpeace page design

Greenpeace is focussed on environmental protection in Poland. I optimised their donation process to maximise conversion opportunities by redesigning someone’s journey from their essential campaign pages to donating to the organisation.

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Nozomi Networks design

For five years, I worked with them three weeks per month in the role of Consultant Director of Product Design. I was responsible for the user experience and visual design of all the company’s products, but the impact of my work was felt across the business.

NWPS Construction page design

Construction company NWPS wanted to expand their customer base of housing associations and local authorities. So, I designed the concept of “Building Confidence” and a website to sell their services to potential clients.

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SO Foot page design

The distinctive personality of the So Foot magazine was missing from their website. I designed a flexible colour, layout, and typography system for developing thousands of dynamic pages. I delivered interactive prototypes of all important pages alongside a design system.

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Sunlife page design

I improved their consistency and reduced friction between their in-house designers and marketers and external agencies by designing and implementing a new design system for their design, marketing, and sales.

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WWF UK page design

I worked with the WWF UK team to increase their online adoptions, donations, and membership by designing innovative ways to bundle adoptions and membership. I also simplified their adoption process and introduced new ways to adopt more than one animal.

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Zombie Hunt page design

The Zombie Hunt team were franchising their successful business and needed a new design to attract customers and potential franchisees. The result is a fun website design which matches the Zombie Hunt team’s business idea.

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