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I bring creative, critical thinking to designing products and websites and the businesses behind them. For 20 years I’ve worked with well-known brands, government organisations, start-ups and multi-national companies:

Working with Stuff & Nonsense was a great experience. They felt like part of our team and have radically changed the way we design and develop websites.

Luigi Principi, ISO
Animal Search

Animal Search : Although their team’s stayed small, in the past twenty years, Animal Search has become the UK’s biggest and busiest missing pet finding service. They needed a brand identity and website design concepts which reflects that position.  

Poems to Go

Poems to Go : One of the reasons for accepting this small project was to prove that, in the right hands, small businesses can benefit from thoughtful design without it costing the Earth. In less than two weeks, we proved precisely that.  

Welsh Rarebits

Welsh Rarebits : After a previous attempt at redesigning failed to deliver either a compelling website design or a consistent experience of their brand, Welsh Rarebits asked me to step in a few weeks before their annual members’ meeting.  


Equfund : The UK is facing a homelessness crisis and Equfund raises money from patrons to help solve the problem. For six weeks, I worked with them to refresh their visual identity, redesign their website, and develop a consistent brand experience for customers across their different channels and touch-points  


Ansarada : For over a year, I worked with Ansarada to develop their brand and visual identity. I worked alongside their CEO, CPO, and CMO and consulted on how art direction and design can help in turning Ansarada from a single-product company into a global SaaS business. During this time, their website saw a year-on-year increase in conversions of 320% and prospects rose from 44,000–385,000.  


Greenpeace is focussed on environmental protection issues in Poland. I optimised their donation process to maximise conversion opportunities by redesigning someone’s journey from their essential campaign pages to donating to the organisation. I designed a set of compelling campaign pages that maximise their conversion opportunities and narrow the gap between their online and on-the-street campaigning. I also created templates and a style guide to enable the team in Poland to quickly develop more effective campaign pages in the future.


SunLife is a household name in the UK—providing insurance and financial services to the over 50s—but they suffered from a dilution of their brand across offline and online channels. I improved their consistency and reduced friction between their in-house designers and marketers and external agencies by designing and implementing a new design system that is now the source of truth for their design, marketing, and sales activities.  


WWF : I worked with the UK team to increase their online adoptions, donations, and membership by designing innovative ways to bundle adoptions and membership. I also simplified their adoption process and introduced new ways to adopt more than one animal. To increase customer engagement and enrolment, I designed compelling new adoption campaign pages.  

Dagens Naeringsliv

Dagens Naeringsliv is the go-to source of news for Norwegian business people. Mark Porter Associates refreshed their identity and redesigned the newspaper. I worked with Mark and his team to design a bold new look for their website, our main focus being to create a consistent reading experience across many digital channels and their print edition.

Kings College Hospital Trust

I worked with the development team at Kings College Hospital Trust for for eight week-long sprints to help them bring together content from six hospital sites into one new website. I solved this challenge by first conducting a thorough audit of their content and user-personas

SAP Caddy On Demand

After workshops with their team, SAP commissioned us to work on several product designs, the most recent being a design for ‘Caddy On Demand,’ an application to demonstrate their technologies at an exclusive golfing retreat.

STEM Learning

The National STEM Center and Science Learning Network websites provided complementary services. I created a new design for STEM Learning that brings both entities together to form a single service offering, designs for responsive website pages, and a style guide. I often collaborate with developer partners and for this project worked with Code Enigma.

Bevan Rose
Corporate law practice Bevan Rose described the complexity of their work for their clients, so we experimented with a series of marquetry inspired logo marks for their new visual identity and website.
Cambridge Nutritional Sciences
Cambridge Nutritional Sciences provide food intolerance and allergy testing kits. We revamped their visual identity, designed and developed a new Shopify-based online store.
Canopy Creations
Canopy Creations hand-build beautiful treehouses from sustainable materials. We designed and developed a website that’s as bespoke as their products.
CretePave are imprinted concrete specialists and offer pattern imprinted concrete for driveways and patios. We created their visual identity.
Drawings by Me
Based in Dubai, Drawings by Me turn childrens’ art into keepsakes for parents to treasure. We designed their marketing materials, packaging, and website.
Environment Bank
Environment Bank work with landowners, developers, planners, and conservationists to better account for environmental impacts, and encourage environmentally sustainable development. We created their visual identity, and designed and developed their website.
Full Fat Things
Drupal developers Full Fat Things sponsor coffee stops at major Drupal conferences, so we designed coasters and arranged letterpress printing. Our coaster designs included their biscuit logo and the tagline we developed for them; “All Drupal, no half measures.”
Home Office (Hillsborough Independent Panel)
The UK Home Office commissioned us to design the website for the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s highly sensitive report. We worked with user-experience consultants Required Experience.
Honeyfields Dental
Honeyfields Dental is a different class of private dental practice, offering the very best private dental care and experience. We created their visual identity, signage, and designed and developed their website.
Houden Bags
Houden Bags is a curated collection of stylish bags and accessories for cameras, laptops and tablets. We created their visual identity, stationery, and website templates to integrate with their online store.
Designing for editorial and news content is one of our favourite design challenges and we worked with our good friend Mark Porter of Mark Porter Associates to design the website for Italian magazine Internazionale.
The International Organisation For Standards (ISO) needed a website redesign with an emphasis on usability and responsiveness, so they asked to see us. Throughout our project we worked alongside ISO’s content producers and developers at their headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
Latin IQ
Latin IQ is a boutique corporate risk and intelligence consultancy specialising in Latin America. We created their visual identity and designed and developed their website.
Lewa House, Kenya
There’s nothing that inspires us more than a good story and Sophie Macfarlane’s account of how she took over her grandparents’ Lewa House in Northern Kenya was one such story. We created their visual identity, signage, and designed and developed their website.
Lockstock Self Storage
Lockstock Self Storage is a family run business and has grown to become the largest self storage company in the region with facilities throughout North Wales and along the border counties. We designed and developed their website.
Pairoo wanted an elegant look and an honest personality, one that conveys the friendliness of their dating service. We created their visual identity.
Reap is a new property-based investment where people receive an income by lending money to a social enterprise. We created their visual identity and designed and developed their website.
Rudi M van Dijk Foundation
The Rudi M van Dijk Foundation helps musicians in war-torn countries. I support their work with a visual identity design and website.
Compliance Centre
I worked with Shield Safety Group over several months to redesign their award-winning Compliance Centre risk and safety management software.
STV (Scottish Television)
STV is a television channel serving the majority of Scotland. For eighteen months I worked as their part-time creative director, helping them design new digital products and grow their team of designers.
Three Bees
Three Bees is a start-up developing a one-stop shop for discovering local pre and post-natal classes. We designed their website.
WIPO, The World Intellectual Property Organisation needed help redesigning their large and complex website, so they wrote to us. We worked alongside their communications and marketing teams for eight week-long sprints at WIPO headquarters in Geneva.


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