Something for the weekend, Sir?

A bunch of Brit bloggers are meeting up in London this weekend. But how will we recognise each other? Any suggestions?

As Colly referred to earlier, a wild bunch of bad-ass Brit bloggers are meeting up in London this weekend.

Now I know what a few of the guys (and gal) look like from occasional blog pictures, but you know how photos can deceive. I always look pale and scrawny in photographs, but I'm really six feet tall, tanned and with biceps the size of Bournmouth.

When we all try to meet up it might be strange asking Are you... ? (I thought you'd be taller).

So, what do you suggest that we do to be recognised? Should we carry a copy of the Financial Times, wear a carnation? Should we have a secret greeting perhaps...

I hear the weather is unually mild in Brighton for this time of year.

Let me know waddya think.


  1. #1 On November 12, 2004 01:38 AM Colly said:

    You'll recognise me. I'll be the scruffy bugger with a week's beard growth, unkempt hair, and a roll-up dangling out of the mouth - jabbering about Libertines site markup woes and sleep deprivation to passing Londoners, in some kind of agrophobic reaction to the outside world.

    On a more useful note, I'll be wearing a green jacket, black stripey scarf, Adidas shell-toes... ah, bugger it. I know what you look like.

  2. #2 On November 12, 2004 01:46 AM Malarkey said:

    Yeh, everybody knows what I look like.
    My picture is currently the one on the top right of the home page!

  3. #3 On November 12, 2004 01:47 AM Jason Santa Maria said:

    Make iron t-shirts of your home pages.

  4. #4 On November 12, 2004 04:15 AM Tim Hill said:

    or you could all wear bikinis? yeah bikinis anyone? ain't nobody wearing bikinis in british weather, easy to distinguish

    'maybe give Kyle aids sounding a little better now, huh?'

  5. #5 On November 12, 2004 08:45 AM Jon Hicks said:

    Colly, thats really funny - I'll be sporting 2 weeks beard growth! I'll also have Vic Reeves-y style glasses, and look of 'too much computer, not enough exercise or sunlight" about me.

  6. #6 On November 12, 2004 10:14 AM Mike Stenhouse said:

    Wear pink carnations and greet each other with: 'Do you come here often?' That'll go down really well.

  7. #7 On November 12, 2004 10:53 AM Rob McMichael said:

    How about you all go dressed as Jeffery Zeldman with the blue beanie hat.

    That or simple name tags (not tags the non-geeky version)


  8. #8 On November 12, 2004 11:26 AM Tim said:

    Everyone should wear an "I (heart) London" baseball cap - that'll work, yeah :)

  9. #9 On November 12, 2004 12:05 PM Tom said:

    Meeting other people is weird, ive been to a few deviantART meets. At first its odd, because non-one talks and you dont know who is who, oh and another thing is that we all have pseudonyms so if you tell someone your real name, chances-are they wont know who you are. Your real name, plus domain and or blogname might work well on a Post-it. I find they help in awakward social situation.

    P.S. Alcohol is a surefire winner.

  10. #10 On November 12, 2004 04:18 PM John Oxton said:

    I know you and Hicks by sight anyhow so no problems there...

    I'd love to see you do what you said to me as I left studio stuff on Monday... that would be brilliant! ;)

  11. #11 On November 13, 2004 02:14 AM Hermann said:

    The secret passphrase is the best option. It seems way cooler than the other options.

    Besides, if you screw up and think someone is a blogger when he/she isn't can give way to interesting situations.

  12. #12 On November 13, 2004 01:00 PM sandy said:

    so who are the women? i'd really like to know if there are any women in this field. i haven't seen any...

  13. #13 On November 14, 2004 12:46 PM Rachel said:

    Sandy: "so who are the women?"

    Well ... that'll be me currently ... I'm sure there are more women in this field in the UK, I'm not some geeky freak of nature - well not in that sense anyway ;)

    Good to meet / re-meet everyone yesterday :)

  14. #14 On November 14, 2004 11:29 PM Cameron Adams said:

    I kept enquiring about the weather in Brighton, but no one seemed interested. Was I at the right strip club?