Stuff & Nonsense. Website designers in North Wales

We’re tiny, just three, but we work with clients big and small and we’re known around the world for our designs, our teaching and our writing. We’re one of 2014’s top five ‘Agencies Of The Year’ at the Net Magazine awards.

Andrew Clarke

“I’m a designer and author known for my design work and contributions to the web design industry. For over fifteen years, I’ve made designs for our clients, written two books and given over fifty presentations to web designers and developers all over the world.”

Sue Clarke

“Andy’s had fifteen years experience managing design projects but I’ve had twenty-five years managing him. I run the business end of our business and during projects I make sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone has what they need before they need it.”

Sue Davies

“I’m a graphic web designer with ten years experience and I work with our clients to choose lovely colour palettes, beautiful typefaces and rich design details that properly express the personality of their brand. I’m also a bilingual native Welsh speaker.”

We’re based in St. Asaph in North Wales. Being away from the stresses of city life means we can concentrate more easily on making designs as beautiful as the landscape around us. We’re not too far from the hustle and bustle though. An hour from both Liverpool and Manchester airports and close to major rail and road routes. Here’s a map showing where we are.

What we do

We’re experienced designers and we specialise in flexible, responsive websites that look beautiful and work wonderfully on every type of device. We’re multi-disciplined, so user-experience and front-end technical development are just as much part of our process as colour theory or typography.

When we need them, we can count on a small network of specialists; copywriters, developers and programmers who extend our services and our expertise.


Andrew Clarke hosts the popular weekly podcast Unfinished Business where he discusses the business side of web, design and creative industries with his guests.


We’re well known in our industry for the over fifty conference talks we’ve given around the world that have inspired thousands of web designers and developers.


We host public design workshops on many aspects of design and front-end development and run training courses for web design and development teams.


Stuff and Nonsense is one of 2014’s top five ‘Agencies Of The Year’ at the Net Magazine awards. Unfinished Business was also nominated for ‘Podcast Of The Year’ at the same awards. Andrew Clarke was runner up for ‘Standards Champion’ at the net magazine awards 2010 and is number 41 on the ‘Drum Digerati list’ 2013.