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We’re Stuff & Nonsense, a small team of UK website designers and we’re based on the North Wales coast. We specialise in creative visual design for websites and web applications and for seventeen years we’ve worked with clients from all around the world.

Our experience tells us that as well as being easy to use and offering a fabulous user experience, a successful website needs a distinctive visual design that helps you connect a product, service or brand with its audience. You also need carefully considered content to clearly communicate what you offer.

We believe that fabulous website design is about more than choosing an attractive template or following the latest trends. Your website design should convey your personality and be a reflection of your beliefs. It should be distinctive. It should have a soul. Because we know that an effective website design is the result of a well-conceived strategy, we work with people to define how they use the web and its associated media and technologies. We help them plan what they say, then how they say it via a responsive website that’s full of thoughtfully written text and carefully chosen imagery.

World-wide experience

We’ve designed an online store for Disney, adoption and donation pages for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF,) large-scale websites for ISO and WIPO and many designs for charities, government organisations and businesses.

Full Fat Things tagline No half measures
No half measures

We asked Full Fat Things, “What does your company stand for?” This helped us to create a strategy and their tagline, “All Drupal. No half measures.”

We’re multi-disciplined website designers, so user experience design and front-end technical development are just as much part of our process as colour theory or typography.

Content and style

We design visual identities that include exquisite typography, emotive colours and distinctive graphics, then we help our clients implement them by developing brand and style guidelines. As well as designing websites that look beautiful and work wonderfully across every size and type of screen, we art direct illustration and photography to ensure that the creative strategy can be seen across a website. And because few clients are skilled in writing advertising copy, we also write micro-copy and edit long-form content.

Multi-disciplined designers

We’re a tiny team of three, so when we need them, we collaborate with illustrators, user-experience professionals, technical developers and programmers to extend our services and our expertise. We’re multi-disciplined, so user experience design and front-end technical development are just as much part of our process as colour theory or typography.

Over many years, we’ve developed a collaborative, agile, people centred approach to design that’s been very successful in delivering effective creative work on time and on budget. We work side-by-side with our clients. We’re flexible, so we often travel across Europe to spend time working with them. We get to know our clients and their businesses very well.

Our projects involve a range of activities

Visual identity
STEM Learning

We re-imagined all their logos as one family with shared visual characteristics including colour, layout, style and typography. Left–right: Impact, Enthuse Playback and HEaTED.

Our experienced web designers

Andy Clarke

“I’m an art-director and website designer known for my design work and contributions to the web design industry. I’ve given more than sixty presentations at conferences all over the world. As well as numerous articles in web design publications, I’ve written two books on website design and development Transcending CSS and Hardboiled Web Design. Every two weeks, thousands of web professionals listen to me and my guests on our Unfinished Business podcast.”

Sue Clarke

“Andy’s had seventeen years experience managing design projects but I’ve had more than twenty-five years managing him. I run the business end of our business and during projects I make sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone has what they need before they need it.”

Sue Davies

“I’m a graphic web designer with fifteen years experience and I work with our clients to choose lovely colour palettes, beautiful typefaces and rich design details that properly express the personality of their brand. I’m also a bilingual native Welsh speaker.”


We were one of 2014’s top five ‘Agencies Of The Year’ at the Net Magazine awards. Unfinished Business was also nominated for ‘Podcast Of The Year’ at the same awards. Andy Clarke was runner up for ‘Standards Champion’ at the net magazine awards 2010 and is number 41 on the ‘Drum Digerati list’ 2013.

Projects in-depth

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OpTIC, Ffordd William Morgan,
St. Asaph Business Park,
St. Asaph, Denbighshire, North Wales, LL17 0JD

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Eversleigh, Lon Capel, Gwaenysgor, Flintshire, North Wales, LL18 6EJ