A quick note about AirTag key-rings

I bought a four-pack of Apple’s new AirTags, two for me and one each for the family. To make them more useful, I needed ways to attach them to my keys and backpack. I think AirTags themselves are reasonably priced, but Apple’s own-brand accessories definitely aren’t.

Let’s forget about the Hermès keyring at £299 and their £399 luggage tag, Apple’s own loops will set you back up to £39, more than doubling the cost of an individual AirTag. So, instead of setting my money on fire, I searched eBay and bought some cheap, no-name, AirTag key-rings. They cost me less that £5 each.

Not having felt Apple’s key-rings, I can’t vouch for the fact they’re better made than these cheap alternatives. Frankly, I don’t really care. My keyring isn’t something where I need premium leather. Scraping on my keys every day is going to scuff it up anyway. Hanging from a zip inside my backpack, premium quality in’t a benefit there either. So, if you bought AirTags, I heartily recommend looking up a no-name alternative to attach one to your keys.

AirTag keyrings
Left:Alex’s AirTag keyring. Right: My no-name Chinese AirTag keyring bought on eBay.

My son has become quite the leather craftsman. The day before my no-names arrived, Alex made me a keyring. He made one in yellow for my wife’s AirTag too. I’m not sure whether he’ll make make more and sell them on his Etsy store. If you’d be interested in him making one (or more) for you, let me know.


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