Blow Your Own Trumpet for this year’s 24 ways

I doubt that anyone except me and 24 ways creator Drew MacLellan have noticed, but since my original Contract Killer in 2008, I’ve had an article published by 24 ways every year on the same day, December 23rd. Even after seven years, I don’t take that spot for granted and I was really chuffed when Drew asked me to write again this year.

In the autumn I worked on a major redesign for Stuff & Nonsense and some of the lessons that I learned from that and from talking to other designers about how they struggled to present themselves and their work seemed like a good subject for this year’s 24 ways. My article’s titled Blow Your Own Trumpet and once again, Owen Gregory hit the nail on the head with his summary:

Andy Clarke encourages us to have confidence in the way we communicate with potential clients. Being open and genuine, and providing an insight into what working with you will be like can help prospective clients choose you over your competitors. So before you refresh your glass, refresh your website’s copy!

Because Drew never asks for a specific topic, I’ve always written what’s been on my mind at the time. Looking back at what I’ve written for 24 ways, it’s interesting to see how my early CSS topics gave way to design and then to the business around design.

One of the things I love about 24 ways is that, even after a decade it’s stayed true to Drew’s original vision despite the different people who have worked on and written for it. 24 ways was, is and I’m sure will remain a platform for selflessly sharing the best that the web industry has to offer and I’m honoured to have been a part of it for eleven years.


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