Contract Killer reloaded. An update to my contract template

When I first shared my Contract Killer in 2008, I had no idea it would become so popular and be used by so many people. Even after thirteen years, it’s still the most visited page on my website.

I’ve used Contract Killer for years, but recently I updated the contract to better reflect the work I’m doing now. I’ve simplified the language to make it even clearer what’s expected by both parties to a contract.

Some of the technical details have been updated too to reflect how we work today. There’s a new sentence on sharing files via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Github, and another on communication by phone, Slack, or Zoom. Given the broad compatibility between browsers, I removed Internet Explorer 11 from the list of tested browsers and replaced it with Edge.

Having been asked recently about image formats and licenses, I’ve clarified the sections on how clients should supply graphic files and images. There’s also an update to the Intellectual property rights section which makes it explicit that clients must guarantee to have licences to use images which are owned by photographers or have been purchased from stock libraries.

Contract Killer is now a paid-for template

Contract Killer still uses the same clear language it always has. And it’s still customisable to suit your business and clients.

The biggest change to Contract Killer is that it’s now a paid-for template. Contract Killer has been free for thirteen years and I thought for a long time about charging for the contract. Students can still use the contract for free, but otherwise Contract Killer now costs £9.99.

I made a new landing page for the new Contract Killer. Of course, I can’t stop anyone using the older version, but if you want the update, I think £9.99 is a fair price to pay.

Plus applicable local taxes. Includes HTML/Markdown/PDF/formats.


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