Smashing Magazine published an excellent primer for CSS3 properties by Inayaili de Leon today which referenced a little of my work. I was pleased, but as today as gone on and I’ve watched the comments roll, my heart started to sink.

Great article, thanks but I think to wait that the most of browsers support CSS3 totally to develop websites for my clients.

I hope CSS3 will be a standard in the near future, right now you cant really use anything of it ’cause not every browser supports it.

CSS 3 rocks. Unfortunately we need to stay at least 5 more years with CSS 2.1 if we want to offer the same design to each user (what in most ‘commercial’ projects is necessarily).

I think till every browser is somewhat close to being the same (render wise), we’ll be stuck working to get the lowest common css version working.

I can’t wait to use CSS3 in a real project. Unfortunately I’m going to be stuck with things as they are for the time being as I wait for my clients to catch up. I expect this will be the case for most designers for the time being.

I’m actually a little surprised about how much hype there is around CSS3 at this point, considering it conflicts directly with W3C standards and validation. I wonder how long it will be until the majority of users are browsing the web with browsers that will support and validate CSS3.

I can’t wait to start using the new CSS3 standard, but I don’t think we can start just yet. Especially when IE isn’t supported in some of these.

CSS3 looks really good however because of IE it will be long time before I start using it.

Considering that half the population still uses IE6, I won’t be implementing CSS3 anytime soon.

This mostly just makes me sad because I can’t use 90% of these rules.

Has the last ten years all been for nothing?

I fear for this industry.


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