Hardboiling it (Part One)

One of the nicest parts about writing and producing a book like Hardboiled Web Design in partnership with a boutique publisher like Five Simple Steps is having the opportunity to work with other, amazing designers, illustrators and photographers.

With all hands at Five Simple Steps on the pumps — to launch the book on October 19th — over the next few posts I’d like to share some of the amazing work that has made this book better than I could ever have imagined, starting with Geri Coady’s photograph for the inside cover.

Geri shot several dozen (or was it several hundred) images which we narrowed down to a shortlist of four — three on location and one studio picture. You can see those on Geri’s Portraits and People Flickr Set. We then settled on the studio shot.

Portrait by Geri Coady © Copyright Geri Coady. All Rights Reserved

As Patrick Lauke managed with his portrait for Transcending CSS, Geri somehow made me look far better than I do in real life (especially after six long months working on the book). I couldn’t be more pleased with the result as it captures the mood of the book perfectly (and because I’m wearing my new favourite Bailey porkpie hat.)

Next week, in the run up to the launch, I’ll reveal more of what’s in Hardboiled Web Design including more from Geri (who illustrated many of the example files) and Elliot Jay Stocks and the cover artist, the one and only [CENSORED]

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