Seth Godin on Happy Monday

I cannot pass up this opportunity to link to this week’s fabulous Happy Monday interview with Seth Godin.

This is the best episode of Happy Monday yet. You should listen to the whole thing. Few people have influenced me more than Seth Godin and what he said to Josh and Sarah struck a chord with me. Talking about imposter syndrome, speaking and sharing, Seth said:

Your brand is not the tagline you put in your SEO, your brand is ‘trusted listener and advisor.’ Someone’s going to hire you because they trust you and they trust you because you’re in the community.

The generosity of standing up and speaking the way you do comes through. We have to acknowledge to ourselves that this decision to be generous and to stand for the work you do without blaming someone else for it is the element of brand that matters the most as we go forward.

I haven’t written or spoken much these last two years because I felt that I didn’t have much worth reading or hearing. That I’d been around too long and that there were younger, better, more talented people than me. I listened to those destructive, negative voices both internal and external, that told me to stay quiet.

Well screw them.

I have plenty left to say and plenty left to share and Seth’s words have encouraged me to do just that.


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