Some news about Unfinished Business

This year’s been a really good year for British web industry podcasts and I’ve loved making Unfinished Business. It’s become a great way for me to wind down from work on a Friday afternoon and has been my main outlet for the things I’ve had on my mind, largely replacing me writing on this blog.

The show’s changed over the course of the year, especially after Anna’s departure, but I hope that people still enjoy it. I thought long and hard about whether to carry on recording it into another year, but I’m enjoying it too much to stop now.

In 2014, Unfinished Business will feature a smaller number of guests who each appear more regularly. After Anna left, I didn’t wanted it to become another show that interviews people from the web industry. Not that there’s anything wrong in them, there are some good ones, but it’s not what I want for Unfinished Business. So joining me on a regular basis in the new year will be Laura Kalbag, Josh Cleland and Elliott Kember, with Ashley Baxter, Dan Davies, Liz Elcoate and Jeffrey Zeldman also all appearing before the beginning of April.

I hope that by being on more regularly, people will seehear a different side to us and it will be an opportunity to get to know us better.

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They made it possible to do this show all year. We’ve already filled sponsor slots for most of the first half of 2014, but we do still have available:

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