The CSS3 Online Conference

In other conference news, this time of the online kind, I will be broadcasting from my orbiting space-station for The CSS3 Online Conference,  organised by Carsonified on March 22nd.

As this is an online event, there will no travel costs, no time out of your office and you can watch the event live (then as many times as you like) through your browser. Better still, ticket costs are only $150.00.

The schedule runs like this, with some amazing presentations from some amazing presenters.

CSS3 Transforms, Transitions and Animations with Ethan Marcotte

Learn how to translate, scale and rotate DOM elements, transition smoothly between CSS properties and animate elements utilising key frames.

Typography in CSS3: @font-face, font embedding, licensing fonts and columns with Squared Eye’s Matthew Smith and Sean Gaffney

Utilising the @font-face construct for font embedding along with practical solutions where licensed fonts are concerned. Also covering the splitting of a single element's content into multiple columns.

CSS3 Best Practice and Graceful Degradation with Andy Clarke (that’s me. Hello!)

How best to implement CSS3 right now, the considerations relating to browser support and the use of vendor-specific properties.

Visual effects with CSS3: RGBa, box-shadow, box-sizing, border-radius, border-image and multiple background images with Jina Bolton

Understand how to effectively use CSS3 properties to create compelling site designs faster and more efficiently than before.

The conference times run from 9am–1pm (San Francisco), 5pm–9pm (London) and 4am–8am(+1) (Sydney).

Tickets cost only $150.00 and you can buy yours here.


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