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Unfinished Business 109 ‘Management advice from Don Draper’ with Jen Simmons and Allan Havey

This week is a special Mad Men episode of Unfinished Business and I’m joined live from New York by Jen Simmons–the incredible host of The Web Ahead podcast–and our very special guest, the actor and comedian who plays Lou Avery on TV’s Mad Men, Allan Havey.

We talk, of course, about Mad Men, its final season and the recent show finale. So if you haven’t seen Don Draper fall out of a McCann Erickson window yet, there are spoilers galore.

We discuss Lou, his character and how the show’s audience reacted to him. Of course no conversation about Lou should leave out Scout’s Honor. We run through the final season and where it left the show’s characters, including Lou. Then we move onto the finale itself, Dick/Don and oh, ‘that’ commercial.

I’ve always wanted Unfinished Business to be about more than the business of web design and I’ve often talked with guests about film and television, but always from the outside. I loved researching and recording this episode and especially speaking with Allan. I hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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