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Up to 50% off my Art Direction for the Web video course this cyber weekend

Yes, yes, I know. It’s the week you’re bombarded with discounts on everything from electric toothbrushes to vacuum cleaner bags, but somehow never the things you want. Well, that’s about to change my friends because this weekend only, I’m offering you up to 50% off my Art Direction for the Web video course on Vimeo.

  • Art Direction for the Web: 9 episodes, 58m duration
  • eBook (ePub, PDF) Available in December
  • PDF worksheets
  • 30+ highly original, responsive HTML/CSS examples

Available this cyber weekend only, starting right now!

  • Get 50% off using the discount code “overkill.” Be quick, as there are only 10 of this offer available.
  • Get 25% off using the code “ironfist.” There are only 50 of this discount available, so don’t miss out.

(Normal price $149 / £115 / €130.)

What you’ll learn

1 Introduction 3:24
2 Understanding Art Direction 9:18
3 Brand Values and Art Direction 6:48
4 Deciding Your Design Principles 7:16
5 Creating Audience Personas and User Stories 8:07
6 Designing a Customer Journey 7:58
7 Deciding How You Want People to Feel 7:07
8 Creating a Narrative 6:38
9 Conclusion 1:53
10 Bloopers 1:13

I strongly recommend this course for anyone interested in Art Direction for the web. Andy explains the process at his core and all the fundamentals. The course is engaging and perfectly presented. I look forward to buy his book to dive deeper into these topics!

The feedback on this course has been very positive. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about buying it, now would be a good time to get off and start Art Direction for the Web.

Written by Andy Clarke who tagged this with art-direction, videos

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