We’re going looking for Yogi

We just can’t stay off the road. Two years since our last road trip when we drove an RV from Phoenix to Minneapolis, we’re again heading back West and this time we’re Looking for Yogi.

On Wednesday we arrive in Boise Idaho, the capital city of the state of “Famous Potatoes” From there we’re taking in 3000 miles across six states (Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon and back to Idaho) taking in some of the most stunning scenery in the United States, if not the world.

Along the way we’ll be blogging, uploading photos to Flickr, videos to Vimeo and of course checking into Gowalla — all the while, looking for Yogi.

Why Looking for Yogi?

Along route we’ll be spending time in the world famous JellyYellowstone National Park, the home (I’m reliably informed) of the bear I remember so fondly from my childhood. I know we’ll find him somewhere along the route and we’ve packed a pic-a-nic basket for the occasion.

Some words about the site

Looking for Yogi

As you may have read on the internets, I do love me some HTML5 and CSS3 and the site has been made from a ton of it. The HTML is as hardboiled as I could make it, chock full of microformats and WAI-ARIA roles in place of presentational id and class attributes. Dig deep into the source and you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t belong.

As for CSS3, what are you looking for?

CSS transitions? Got them. Watch the navigation icons at the top of each page fade between two different states of opacity.

CSS3 animations in Webkit? Got them too on the 404 page.

What about CSS3 transforms? Yup. Click or tap on the globe icon on any of the internal pages and the off-beat navigation is skewed using CSS3 matrix transforms.

Multiple background images? Check.

RGBa? Check.

CSS3 Media Queries for proportional leading and for optimising the design for both portrait and landscape orientations on the iPad? Oh yes! Got those as well. Don’t worry though campers, the site looks just great in Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

Speaking of iPad, while we’re away I’ll be using mine as often as possible and not just to watch cartoons. That’s why it was important to optimise this design as much as possible for that device. More than that though, I designed this site first for the iPad and only checked the design in a desktop browser after my work on the iPad was complete. This was a revelation and how I intend to design every site from now on.

Feed the bears

So here we go, Looking for Yogi. Keep in touch and if you find yourself anywhere close to where you see us popping up, give us a holla @malarkey.


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