Mentoring to help you grow as a designer

Mentoring to help you grow as a designer

Would you like to develop your skills as a designer? Build your career in design? Learn how to work with others and sell ideas to management and stakeholders? My mentoring program can help.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve learned ways to deliver projects, pitch ideas, and win business. I’ve faced many of the same issues and found ways to deal with them. I’ve also learned strategies for success from leading industry professionals.

If you’re interested in growing as a designer, talk with Andy and ask him to be your mentor and coach. His encouragement, humor and emotional intelligence inspire me to become a better designer and a better person.

Mentoring from someone who is fluent in design was one of my best decisions. I am able to freely discuss work challenges, shares struggles and triumphs. I’m more excited about design than I have been in years.

Scott Gruber, Los Angeles, CA

Think back to your past; was there someone, perhaps a colleague, friend, or a teacher who influenced you or taught you valuable lessons? Mentoring gives you an experienced person to talk to, and my role as your mentor is as an advisor and supporter, offering you guidance and helping you develop and improve the areas we’ll work on together. Through mentoring, my goal is to become a positive influence on your professional work and I’m committed to helping you succeed.

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My mentoring programme

My mentees are all highly intelligent and talented people who are looking for design coaching, career guidance, and support with business issues. We have a series of conversations over a defined period, usually ten hours.

You decide how much structure you need from the sessions. Are you looking for design review sessions or professional development, every week or every two weeks? Or, are you looking for less structure? Would you prefer to call me every few weeks to discuss what’s happening?

Andy has helped reignite my enthusiasm for digital design as well helping me focus on developing my business in a new direction. I’ve really enjoyed our sessions and hope to continue them in the future.

Sanjay Sinha, London, UK

Mentoring on demand (10 hours)

Best for individual designers:

  • A block of ten hours worth for whenever you need them
  • A mentoring plan tailored to your goals
  • Client development advice and proposal writing
  • Design critiques, feedback, and tips
  • Help developing your career
  • Weekly or fortnightly 1–1 sessions

£1,100 plus VAT

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Regular mentoring

Best for agency and in-house designers:

  • All the above, plus:
  • One mentoring session per week
  • Unlimited support via email or Slack between sessions
  • Option to meet face-to-face every 6–8 weeks

£1,100 per month plus VAT

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Agency coaching

I have over 20 years experience running a digital agency and now coach others on pitching, dealing with clients, developing better business pipelines, and getting paid faster — Find out how.

Designer mentoring

Strategies for delivering critical projects, develop in-house design teams, and sell ideas to management and stakeholders, whenever you need them — Find out more.

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