Books to inspire web professionals

Books to inspire web professionals

I didn’t intend to become an author, let alone write four full-length books about web design, but doing that has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my career. What pleases me most is that people often tell me how much my writing has influenced them and helped their career. I couldn’t be happier about that.

Hardboiled Web Design series

I write books about my perspective on website design under the banner of Hardboiled Web Design. These four books—two already published—cover what I consider are the most important aspects of being a creative web professional.

Hardboiled Web Design
Art Direction for the Web
From Paper to Prototype
How to sell design

Art Direction for the Web

Art Direction for the Web

I’ve always felt there should be more to designing for the web than frameworks, performance. After working on several editorial projects, I began a journey into art direction, editorial, and magazine design, and I wondered what they can teach us and how to apply those lessons to the web. My Art Direction for the Web book is result of that journey.

On the web, art direction has been a dream deferred. But no longer. Andy Clarke’s Art Direction for the Web should usher in a new age of creative web design.

Jeffrey Zeldman ★★★★★

Hardboiled Web Design

Hardboiled Web Design

Frustrated by how designers were being held back by the notion that their designs should look the same in even the least capable browsers, I wrote Hardboiled Web Design in 2010. It was incredibly well received, so in 2015 I updated its content for an all new Fifth Anniversary Edition.

I think this is the best book about HTML/CSS I’ve ever read! Truly cutting edge, with in depth examples and explanations.

Guilherme ★★★★★
Transcending CSS in English
Transcending CSS in French
Transcending CSS in German
Transcending CSS in Italian
Transcending CSS in Chinese (Simplified)
Transcending CSS in Chinese
Transcending CSS in Korean
Transcending CSS in Japanese

Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design

I wrote my first full-length book in 2006, because I wanted to explain the possibilities of CSS and HTML in ways which would appeal to creative web professionals. I had no idea about the impact this book would have on my career and the careers of many other people.

People have told me that Transcending CSS was a milestone book for them. It’s been out-of-print for years, and I’m currently in the process of retrieving the rights so I might give it away free to a new generation of designers.

Transcending CSS effortlessly bridges the editorial gap between CSS book and design book, or for that matter, between web design and traditional graphic design; a feat rarely accomplished in our industry.

Cameron Moll ★★★★★

Other books and chapters

  1. Smashing Book 5
    Smashing Book 5. 2015 Chapter: ‘Creativity over predictability’
  2. Smashing Book 3
    Smashing Book 3. 2012 Chapter: ‘Designing atoms and elements’
  3. Web Standards Creativity
    Web Standards Creativity APress 2007. Chapter: ‘Designing for Outside the Box’

DVD titles

  1. Designing web accessibility
    Designing web accessibility New Riders 2009.
  2. Designing with CSS
    Designing with CSS New Riders 2009.
  3. Designing with microformats
    Designing with microformats New Riders 2009.
  4. Inspired CSS
    Inspired CSS: Styling for a Beautiful Web New Riders 2008.


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