Hicks related charity auction

It's amazing what people buy and sell on eBay. Now a unique opportunity to aquire an authentic pair of Jon Hicks' socks. (Now sold)

Update: Auction closed, we have a winner!

It's amazing what people buy and sell on eBay. A quick Google reveals some crazy fools, with some of my favourites including someone selling (and bidding on) a Russian military patrol boat (No sale though, the highest bid of $85,100 did not meet minimum price :O .)

I also noticed when mooching around eBay that it is possible to donate a percentage (or all) of the proceeds of a sale to charity. Now not being stinky rich, I haven't much of value to sell. But I do have something (in fact a pair of somethings) which I am convinced are worth a small fortune. So, I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and sell my two most treasured possessions to raise money for Save The Children.

Update: Auction closed, we have a winner!

Many, many thanks to everyone who bid and congratulations and many more thanks to the wonderfully generous Glenda Sims for her winning bid. The socks will be on their way to Austin in Texas and I'm sure that Save The Children will be very pleased.

Authentic Jon Hicks' socks

A unique opportunity to aquire an authentic pair of Jon Hicks socks. These socks have been worn but will be delivered washed and pressed and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. All money raised from the sale of these socks will be donated to Save The Children.

Certification statement

This pair of socks has been independantly certified as being owned and worn by Jon Hicks. Although the origins of these socks are unknown, they were transported to the United States of America by Hicks himself in early 2005 where they were appropriated by designer Andy Clarke. In the months following SXSW Interactive, their wherabouts became a mystery ,until their rediscovery in June 2005.

Jon Hick's socks on e/bay

Go on geeks

Grab yourself a piece of historic Hicks apparel. In years to come, these are going to be very sought after and valuable indeed. I can even imagine them cropping up on Antiques Roadshow.


  1. #1 On June 13, 2005 12:15 AM dotjay said:

    Caaw blimey... I wondered what the smell was when I arrived at your blog just now!

    Authentic Jon Hicks socks... I'm off to place my bid. They're mine! Will you autograph them, Jon?

  2. #2 On June 13, 2005 12:42 AM Ben Ward said:

    Aww, that's bloody brilliant Mr Clarke. I overheard you mention this to Andy Budd over lunch at @media and pondered for a bit what on earth could be coming. But his socks?!

    Surely his laundry serf was suspicious?

  3. #3 On June 13, 2005 01:07 AM Matt Robin said:

    Are they shoe size 10?! # Laughs #

    This could start a trend....which other notable web designer's underwear would sell on eBay?!!

  4. #4 On June 13, 2005 01:13 AM dotjay said:

    Andy Clarke's boxers! Molly's knickers? Zeldman's hat... damn, not underwear.

  5. #5 On June 13, 2005 01:29 AM Paco Blanchart said:

    This shows the damages that continuous web-designer-typical-nightly-working-habits can do to the average human brain.

    Oh, my... Confusing HACKS with SOCKS...

    How about the reputation you built so hardly, Mr. Hicks?

    For your sanity's sake, please get back to work right now!!!

    It simply STINKS... (easy joke, I know... your fault anyway...)


    (Just to avoid missunderstanding): you made us all get used to wait a lot more from you. And this is just a contribution to the laughs.

  6. #6 On June 13, 2005 02:16 AM Kyle said:

    Don't you mean a piece of Hickstoric appeal? Oh man, I crack myself up.

  7. #7 On June 13, 2005 03:09 AM Daniel said:

    Uh-oh! There's a spelling mistake on the certificate - you misspelled 'print' as princt'.

    Just had to point that out - natural perfectionist nature, you know?

  8. #8 On June 13, 2005 05:56 AM Andrea said:

    I think you should add in an autographed 8x10 of this photo. I could see myself paying way too much for that!

    There's one other photo hanging out on Flickr that I would pay for an autographed copy of (resisting the urge to link it up here)... ;)

  9. #9 On June 13, 2005 08:23 AM Matt Robin said:

    Molly: Too rich for my blood...it looks like you have a pair of Hicks' used 'Next' sock in the mail to you!

    Andrea: Link! Link! Link!

    (I'm terrible! # Laughs #)

  10. #10 On June 13, 2005 08:52 AM Mrs Hicks said:

    fantastic - Firesox!

    Lucky they match, added collector's value! ... hmm, I wonder if he'll notice anything else disappear?

  11. #11 On June 13, 2005 11:28 AM Benjamin Jackson said:

    Shame . . . Molly's too rich for me. I just can't see my girlfriend approving of spending over $80 on a pair of worn socks! If only she could appreciate the value of the sweat in them! . . . . Ok, that's gross! Sorry!

  12. #12 On June 13, 2005 01:38 PM tagsin said:


    a sweaty, stenchy, salt-stained pair of socks

  13. #13 On June 13, 2005 02:35 PM Roger Johansson said:

    Oh you really did it! I wasn't quite sure you'd actually go ahead and do this :-) What's next then? Zeldman's underwear? Molly's bra?

  14. #14 On June 13, 2005 03:52 PM Rob Waring said:

    Did the rubber gloves melt when you picked them up?

    Andy Clarke risks life and limb for charity!

  15. #15 On June 13, 2005 04:09 PM Dave said:

    Firesox lol love it. Gotta start a shop and sell all odd's and ends

  16. #16 On June 13, 2005 04:26 PM goodwitch said:

    Too bad you washed them Andy. I think they would have more value with traces of Hicks DNA.

    As for their value...absolutely priceless...how could I resist???

  17. #17 On June 13, 2005 05:34 PM Mrs Hicks said:

    according to my source ... who is somewhere between here and NYC ... these were last worn by Mr Clarke, if that adds to the value.
    Sharing socks - whatever next?

  18. #18 On June 13, 2005 11:40 PM Malarkey said:

    Well, what can I say? Over 100 Bucks for a pair of socks. I'm sure that Save The Children will be very pleased at your generousity.

  19. #19 On June 14, 2005 01:45 AM Jon Hicks said:

    Grief, the embarrassment of having your ropey old socks aired in public! It had better be worth it!

  20. #20 On June 14, 2005 06:05 AM clint said:

    man those bad boys look like they can stand on their own.

  21. #21 On June 15, 2005 02:09 PM Steve P. Sharpe said:

    Firesox! I love it...

    From what I can see, they have no holes in them. Plently of life in them yet then lol.

  22. #22 On June 19, 2005 01:42 AM Steven Woods said:

    So what *IS* the FedEx Hazardous Materials delivery policy these days?

    *hands the FedEx guy a pair of asbestos gloves*

  23. #23 On June 21, 2005 12:31 AM Matt Robin said:

    Well done Glenda...

    You are the proud owner of a stinky-pair of a British bloke's old socks! :)

    (Will you wear them on special occaisions....run around the house, shouting boastfully: "I won...I won..I won the FireSox!")
    Really, well done...and all that money going to charity - excellent.

  24. #24 On June 21, 2005 10:47 AM Ben Darlow said:

    Mmm. Stinky.

    On an entirely sock-unrelated subject, are you aware that your RSS feed (at least for me in Thunderbird) no longer gives me a subject for individual posts? Well, there is... it says "(no subject)". Eek.

  25. #25 On June 21, 2005 01:04 PM Ian Lloyd said:

    Congrats Glenda. And commiserations too - they're your problem now! ;-)

    As for the 'origin of those socks being unknown', Andy ... they cam from Next :-D

  26. #26 On June 21, 2005 01:41 PM Malarkey said:

    @ Ian Lloyd: It looks like Next was the source of these, the most valuable socks on the web. But what else?

    Were they a present from Wifey? Were they a last minute airport purchase before SXSW? Were they a Fathers' Day pressie? Come on Mr. Hicks, fill us in.

  27. #27 On June 21, 2005 03:12 PM goodwitch said:

    Will I wear them in a box?
    Will I wear them with a fox?

    Would I? Could I?
    In a car?
    Wear them! Wear them!
    Here they are.

    I do so like
    My new firesox!
    Thank you!
    Thank you,
    Andy Clarke!

  28. #28 On June 24, 2005 08:09 AM Tim Hill said:

    Wasn't this an episode of Dilbert where Dogbert sells his socks and underwear in a gallery?