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The Command Position Principle

For 24ways: “Just like demonstrating we know our rightful position on the road, knowing our rightful place in a business relationship and communicating that through how we deal with people will help everyone achieve an equitable balance. ”

Monkey Business

For 24ways: “When you say that something’s ‘too expensive,’ you’re doing much more than commenting on a price.”

There’s no formula for great designs

For 24ways: “Before he combined them with fluid images and CSS3 Media Queries to coin ‘responsive design’, Ethan Marcotte described Fluid Grids — one of the most enjoyable parts of responsive design. Enjoyable that is, if you like working with math(s). But Fluid Grids aren’t perfect and unless we’re careful when applying them, they can sometimes result in a design that feels disconnected.”

Getting Hardboiled with CSS3 2D Transforms

For the Typekit blog: “Part of a series of guest posts covering tips and tricks for working with CSS. These techniques, along with web fonts, make rich interactive sites achievable with simple and accessible standards-based markup and CSS.”

Circles of Confusion

For 24ways: “Andy Clarke whittles his early photographic experience into an innovative approach to deciding what matters most in a user’s experience of a visual design — capture and order what needs to remain consistent, and share the process (and the port and stilton) with clients.”

Contract Killer

For 24ways: “Andy Clarke rides into town to remind us of the importance of having a proper contract in place between those providing a service (usually us) and our clients commissioning the work. Projects that don’t run to plan are a fact of life, so make sure you’re prepared.”

Underpants Over My Trousers

For 24ways: “Andy Clarke looks to the world of comic books and graphic novels for inspiration in web design. Personally, I look for design inspiration in Christmas wrapping paper, which, as it turns out, is a less successful technique. On the whole I’d recommend Clarke’s approach above mine. Lesson learned.”

A Message To You, Rudy — CSS Production Notes

For 24ways: “Andy Clarke details an approach for embedding production notes inside your document — a useful aid to project management and team communications throughout the development phases of any project. Sounds like Santa isn’t the only one who’ll be getting notes this Christmas.”

“Z’s not dead baby, Z’s not dead”

For 24ways: “Andy Clarke dusts off the CSS z-index property to take control of the depth of his positioned elements. Why not try it out for yourself and see how it all stacks up. Santa’s not the only thing in your stack this Christmas. Erm ok, I’m outta puns.”

Invasion of the Body Switchers

For A List Apart: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could update the classic ALA style switcher to accommodate multiple users and devices, including some that aren’t even traditional browsers, all from a single JavaScript and CSS file? Well, now we can! Enter the Body Switcher.” By Andy Clarke and James Edwards.