Accidentally speaking at Handheld Conference

While we’re on the subject of unexpected conference talks, I’m stepping in to fill Sarah Parmenter’s high heeled shoes at Handheld Conference this month as Sarah’s had to unfortunately cancel.

I’m not the only new addition to the line-up. The one and only Brendan Dawes is also stepping in for Naomi Atkinson who also can’t make it to the show.

I’ll be at the event anyway as I’m hosting my CSS3 For Responsive Design workshop the day before. But now I’ll be stepping onto that enormous stage in front of possibly the biggest audience I’ve ever spoken to. I’ll be giving a new version of my ‘How to call your client an idiot without getting fired,’ once again without slides. This time it’ll focus more on the process for responsive and even mobile design, this being, you know, Handheld.


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