Announcing jQuery for Designers with Remy Sharp

A month ago I tweeted about my own frustrations with learning jQuery. If you’re a designer or developer and you feel the same way, I’m over the moon to announce a new For A Beautiful Web workshop: jQuery for Designers with Remy Sharp.

Remy Sharp

Join JavaScript expert and author of jQuery for Designers Remy Sharp for a full day learning how to do beautiful things with jQuery.

You ’ve heard of jQuery, you know it ’s supposed to help you make beautiful things, but you don ’t do JavaScript and you don ’t know how all the pieces fit together to create your beautiful thing.

This workshop will ease you in to adding jQuery to your projects. It will cover what jQuery has to offer and how you can make best use of it in your projects. You ’ll be learning jQuery from a practical point of view and you will quickly understand what you can use right out of the box, to quickly add effects and interactions to your wireframes, prototypes and web sites. The aim isn ’t to teach you JavaScript, but instead to teach you what you need to know to leverage jQuery to make the best work that you can for the web.

What you will learn

Remy Sharp

Remy Sharp is a developer, speaker, blogger, author of upcoming jQuery for Designers (Manning), a contributing author to The jQuery Cookbook (O’Reilly) and co-author of Introduction to HTML5 (New Riders). He is also organises the Full Frontal JavaScript Conference.

jQuery team member (developer relations, formally evangelism) and the developer on a fistful of JavaScript related apps, Remy loves his JavaScript and he is keen as mustard to share it with other developers and designers. Remy tweets @rem.

Places are strictly limited to thirty, so that everyone will have an opportunity to get involved.

I am very excited about jQuery for Designers and I know I will learn a lot from it. Hop on over to the event page and book your seat.


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Available from January 2020

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