Art Directing the Web at Frontend Conf, Zurich

I’ve joked before that unless a conference line-up includes Harry Roberts and Sara Soueidan it’s a Code Of Conduct violation. Or something like that. So oh how I laughed when earlier this year I was asked to join them on stage at Frontend Conf in Zurich, Switzerland.

Last week Sue and I jetted off to Zurich to join Denise, Harry, Jina, Tim, Una and more. We were sad that in the end Sara couldn’t make it, but we were determined to have a good time and a good time we had.

The Frontend Conf team were some of the most professional, amateur organisers I’ve ever met. The event was flawless and the welcome they gave really put a smile on my face.

There were some fabulous talks too. I could listen to Jina and Una talk about design systems and blend modes all day. (I’ll get to do that again in Perth, Australia in just a few weeks.) With typical Swiss efficiency, all the talks are already published on Vimeo. You should watch them, there are some real gems including my favourite by Denise Jacobs.

As for me, I had the honour of giving the opening keynote, a new talk called ‘Art Directing the Web.’ I was pleased with how it went and everyone said nice things about it, but judge for yourself how I did as my video’s also online:

The slides are on SpeakerDeck too.

This year I’ve spoken at mainly smaller community events. I love a more intimate venue, but it felt good, really good to back on a bigger stage. Thanks Frontend Conf, I hope to be back another year.


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