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Art Direction for the Web video course available now on Skillshare and Vimeo

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working hard on a new ‘Art Direction for the Web’ video course to accompany my new book and I’m pleased to announce it’s now available to buy on Vimeo and watch on Skillshare.

In this video course, I teach you how art direction can connect customers with product and website designs and keep people engaged. I show you how art direction can improve someone’s experience and maintain brand values and design principles by connecting marketing and products.

What this course covers

You’ll learn about art direction; what it means, why it matters, who can do it, and—most importantly—how it applies to the web. There are ten videos in this hour-long course:

  1. Introduction/overview
  2. Understanding art direction
  3. Brand values and art direction
  4. Deciding your design principles
  5. Audience personas and user stories
  6. Designing a customer journey
  7. Deciding how you want people to feel
  8. Art-directing experiences
  9. Conclusion and next steps
  10. (Bloopers)

Who will learn from this course?

Learn how art direction can improve digital products and websites, connect customers with product and website designs, and maintain brand values and design principles.

  • Product and website designers
  • UX designers
  • Web developers

Stream the course on Vimeo

I’m relatively new to selling video courses online and as I’m already familiar with Vimeo, their OnDemand service seemed like a good first choice. You can stream my course anytime on any device.

Why buy this course direct from me?

As you might imagine, I earn a little more from each sale by cutting out a middle man. That helps me spend more time making more courses and allows me the opportunity to give them even better content, higher production values and covers the cost of professional editing. As a bonus, when you buy this course direct from me, I will send you:

  • Free Art Direction for the Web eBook Available 25/10/18
  • 30+ highly original, responsive HTML/CSS examples
  • PDF worksheets
    • (Email me a copy of your Vimeo receipt and I will send you a link to download your files.)

      (Early-bird offer only £75 / $99 available until 01/10-18.)


      Skillshare is a popular video training service and my Art Direction for the Web video course is available to watch there. It’s already been chosen by Skillshare as a “Staff Pick.” If you have a subscription:

      If you don’t, sign up using this link and I earn a little more for the referral: Sign up for Skillshare


      I wanted this series of Art Direction for the Web video courses to be entertaining and informative. I was lucky to be introduced to a talented young filmmaker, James Capdevilla, who succeeded in making these videos reflect my personality and enthusiasm for art direction on the web. There’s even a blooper reel which shows I rarely get things right first time:

      If you’ve watched this course on Skillshare or Vimeo and enjoyed it, please take a few minutes to leave a review.

      I’m very pleased with this first video course on Art Direction for the Web and I hope you like it too.

      Could you or your team benefit from knowing how to use art direction to improve your product or website? My in-house training and workshops can help.

      Improve your product or website

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