Bribes, ripped trousers and writing copy for CannyBill

Sunday night has rolled around again. I’ve bribed and cajoled the children into some semblance of sleep and I’m looking at my client book for the upcoming week. Scanning up and down the list I find myself thinking about CannyBill, my major project for this week (or one of three of them anyway!).

Andy approached me to work on it — by way of a bizarre dream about ripped trousers (his) and some mutual contacts — explaining it was going to be designed in the open, a short sharp project and, most of all, was going to be a fun gig and would I like to come along for the ride? Never one to resist a mod on a moped, I grabbed my helmet and signed up for the CannyBill redesign.

And so here is where I find myself. Looking at the gorgeous screenshots, reading the original copy, printing out pages and going at them with my red pen. Mostly, I find myself pondering what people want to know about a web writer and they way we (I?) work.

So, I throw myself on the mercy of the masses. What do you want to know about working with a web writer? Do you want to know what processes I employ as I set out to write copy? Would you like to see my drafts and redrafts, in the same way as seeing a number of different design iterations? I’m all ears.



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