Changes to Stuff and Nonsense RSS

I know RSS isn’t perhaps what it was for a lot of people, but it’s still as important to me as Twitter as a source of good content, and well, you know what they say about eggs and baskets. Today I’m making some changes to Stuff and Nonsense’s RSS.

For the last few years I’ve served this site’s feed via FeedBurner, but I’m done with putting a barrier between my content and people who read it. What I get from FeedBurner simply isn’t worth the abstraction anymore.

So although the FeedBurner feed won’t stop working until the end of this year, I’m serving RSS directly from this site again.

If you’re an existing RSS subscriber, please update your reader to the new, easy to guess, URL: //

(There’s an Atom feed too for all you Atom Heart Mothers at //

If you haven’t subscribed to the feed yet, now would be a good time. You’ll get notified about events like workshops and talks, and discounts on books and videos twenty-four hours before anyone else.


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