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Quick note: Count Binface was on the cover of the Daily Star again

Another front cover from the Daily Star newspaper: “Our favourite sane politician just 4 POINTS behind Rishi Sunak who may lose his seat.”

Count Binface in the Daily Star

Count Binface is more than twice as popular as ex-PM Lettuce Liz Truss and is just a smidge less popular than Rishi Sunak, according to genuine poll boffins at Ipsos. The Ipsos survey found 16% of the public are currently favourable to the “intergalactic space warrior.”

It’s more than twice the 7% favourability rating Lettuce Liz had after she quit during her disastrous PM days in 2022. In fact, Binface’s favourability is not far off the proportion of voters favourable to Rishi Sunak at 20%.


Written by Andy Clarke who tagged this with politics

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