Design Another Day

When I was updrading my Apple TV movie library, I was very disappointed by the artwork Apple provided for my James Bond movie collection. So, I decided to make my own. I worked on several concepts and this was another version.

The artwork Apple or the studio chose for the 25+ series of James Bond movies is simply a portrait still of James Bond on a white background with only the movie’s logotype in black to distinguish one movie from another.

Disappointing Apple TV artwork for Bond movies.

Bond movies have a long a rich visual heritage with iconic posters and title sequences. There’s the iconic 007 gun logo, the gun sight, and the famous silhouette of Bond himself.

James Bond movie posters over the years.

So, I decided to design my own artwork for the Bond movies in my collection. I combined those elements with a set of colours to differentiate the movies in which each actor played Bond.

As with my previous set, I use a typeface—appropriately called Widescreen which was designed by Dalton Maag. It’s available as a variable weight font and I use it’s Black weight for the movie titles alongside their Venn condensed medium for the supporting text.

I’m really happy with these Bond-inspired designs and how they stand out as a set in my Apple TV movie library. If you’d like to use them in yours, you can download them here in WEBP format:

Download James Bond movie artwork set 2

ZIP file 3.8Mb)


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